A one hour fully guided healing meditation to uplift the mind, spirit and body for the week ahead.
Tarot Reading 101 breaks down the meanings and symbolism of traditional tarot decks (as opposed to oracle cards) for easier understanding and interpretation. This class is comprised of two parts. In the first half, we'll look at the cards themselves. In the second half, we'll talk about interpreting the cards and how to conduct a reading, whether we're conducting that reading for ourselves or for others.
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Connect with Archangel Ariel - the Lioness of God - also known as the angel of nature, rivers, trees, plants and the animal kingdom. Please set yourself up with a small bowl of water, a candle and house plant or a flower for this meditation! Join us live or watch the recording at your own leisure.
This is the path that leads to the highest evolutionary state a human can attain. It begins by awakening the inner evolutionary force at the base of the spine and then by moving it up to the brain, thereby activating a person's full potential. This is the path that, for many ages, has been practiced, guarded and taught around the globe by Yogis, Shamans, Gurus, Alchemists, Initiates, and adepts of the Great White Brotherhood. It leads to Kundalini and Chakra activation and culminates in God Realization - the realization that God exists within You as You.
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In this Spiritual Development Circle course you will learn how to explore and enhance your personal spiritual practice to heal yourself and help heal the world - one step at a time. You'll learn how to build solid foundations for your practice by way of creating and enpowering your sacred space, how to work with your angels, spirit guides and helpers, allies, ancestors and other benevolent helping spirits, how to set proper energetic boundaries and how to practice energy "etiquitte', how to develop and strengthen your psychic gifts, how to communicate with spirit and how to lovingly assist earthbound spirits to cross, and more. You'll receive energetic support as we move along into each area of exploration. We will practice on each other in each new lesson to gain experiential wisdom and understanding. This is considered a beginner-intermediate level of exploration. Class One: Creating and Empowering Your Sacred Space Class Two: Fine Tuning Your Intuition, Psychic Abilities and Chakras Class Three: Meet Your Spiritual Support Team Class Four: Learn to Practice Energetic Hygiene
We can feel disempowered when busy daily activity requires our attention. World news can create an energy of unease but we don't need to choose to get caught!
Raine Grant
Spirituality > Shamanism
Start: Oct 25, 2017 at 07:00 pm EDT
Which will you choose, Power vs Force? Can you stand in your Power no matter what? Or do you give in to the temptation of Force. Many will choose the Ego and find themselves knee deep in trouble. But, this is not the only way. Find out how to connect to your Enlightened Self. It is far more constructive to connect and be in your Power vs being Destructive with Force that attracts negativity. Psychic Shamans will be present to give each participant a reading to see where you are in the journey...
Mindfulness meditation has been taught by spiritual teachers throughout the ages, and today scientific research further proves its immense physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellness benefits. But what exactly is mindfulness meditation and how is it done? Why is this type of meditation the most important one for our mind? How can we get ourselves to meditate and overcome common meditation challenges? This class will answer for you these questions and more, related to mindfulness meditation. It will help to boost your confidence with the practice of meditation and incorporate this vital practice into your everyday life. As part of this class you will also have a chance to practice a 15 minute mindfulness meditation and gain practical tips.
Using breath work coupled with visual focus, learn a simple and rewarding meditation that can guide you back to heart centeredness, for a brief 5 minute meditation, if that is all you have time for, or a longer more detailed guided journey to your own inner realms. This 30 minute class is free and open to any and all who are interested in learning how to use their own breath to regain their sense of connection to the earth and the universal flow of energy, and bring themselves back to a calm and mindful state of being.
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Christia Cummings
Spirituality > Angels
Start: Nov 01, 2017 at 03:00 pm EDT
The Ascension Empowerment Series This is a continuation of the information being shared during the Soul Light Frequency series. These classes are being specifically offered in coordination with the New and Full Moons. Each class is an activation and upgrade for you on all levels, through all dimensions, across time. Now is the time you have been waiting for, YOU are the one you have been waiting for! These classes are spiritual, creative, and nurturing. They work specifically with your Angels and Guides to help you receive the healing frequencies being offered in the Universe at this specific time. Each class takes three days to integrate the energies being offered. You will experience some or all of the following in every class: -Intention Prayer -Clearing and balancing of your Chakras -DNA Clearing and upgrades -Past life and ancestral karmic clearings -Ascension Attunements -Sound Activations -Angelic Light Frequencies -Remote healing -Angelic Heart Reiki And more!
Meditation ~ Join me the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month for a free meditation. This is great for kids and teens too!
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