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Want to develop your inner intuition? Having a hard time trusting your heart? Come learn about your inner counsel of the Mind, Body, Heart and Emotions. Discover how these parts of yourself can be blocked preventing your forward movement in life. Create a meditation you can practice daily to communicate to these hidden parts for clarity and healing. Find your inner guidance and learn to trust yourself again!
We will celebrate the Eclipse energies of 2017. 21 August is potentially a wham bammy effecting in the months ahead. August has two powerful eclipses which will continue to help us to grow spiritually and ascend to recognise our multi-dimensional selves We will help ourselves and planet itself. Let us embrace the Light, Love and new Gateways of the Divine Codes of Ascension being given to us now! This class includes Transformational Channelled Meditations, Healings and Activations given to us by The Ascended Masters and Ascension Angels. We will work with: The Eclipse Energy at the exact time of the 21 August Eclipse The Journey of the Eclipse across USA and in 2024 Meditations and Affirmations Affirmations and Chants for the Body Ascension Twelve Portals Masters of Portals Re-Opening on Planet Earth Merging Body with Your Higher Dimensions Blessings Jayne
It is both exciting and beneficial to develop our Intuition! Our Intuition is a gift we were born with and is useful in so many ways. It is a skill that must be cultivated and practiced. And who better to learn how to do this than from the 2016 and 2015 Psychic of the Year with Best American Psychics! This is the first level workshop of a 3 level series. These are some things we will learn in this course: *Creating an Altar *De-Clutter and the importance in Spiritual Development *Chakras and how to keep balanced *Crystals - use in Psychic Development *Grounding *Protection *Pendulum *Spirit Guides
This 2 hour Psychic Development class will boost your confidence in your psychic ability! Don't feel like you have any? This class will show that everyone has psychic ability! Discover what your psychic strength is: Clairaudience (clear hearing,) Clairvoyance (clear hearing) or Clairsentience (clear knowing.) We will do experiential exercises (yes, you can do them while attending on line) and meditations to increase your psychic awareness. Learn different ways to access your psychic ability! Cindy will guide you through a discovery of your intuitive self! Learning through experiential exercises, lecture & discussion, you will start to exercise and develop your intuitive muscle like a body builder! We all have intuition and this class will open your mind�¢ï¿½ï¿½s eye to the depth of knowledge that you carry within! This class will be offered Live at Good Vibes Wellness at the same time. You can ask questions during the talk and we will do the meditations and exercises together! Cindy asks that before the class starts you write down 5-10 questions each on a different piece of paper. Also, mid class we will take about a 5-10 minute break for those attending this class live at Good Vibes Wellness.
Connect with the angel of Unconditional Love in a brief meditation. We will also explore Archangel Chamuel's role in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.
SO YOU WANT TO BE PSYCHIC? Then this is the class for you! Everyone is born with psychic gifts but if you don't use them they become dormant.You can reactivate these gifts with an open mind and heart and the desire of willingness. You will learn how to determine your gifts in this class. This is perfect for beginners! There will be a class following this next week to practice your psychic gifts.
Mimi and Will from Psychic Punx answer your questions live on any topic relating to spirits, mediumship, weird experiences, intuition development, coming out as an extra sensory, things you can't explain, and anything else on your mind that you'd like to talk about. They will end the evening with a few psychic/intuitive readings for audience members. Please note this not a mediumship event - we will not be doing celebrity sessions. This is Ask PP Live. Ask PP is a segment of Psychic Punx where people submit questions on being extra sensory and how/why weird shit happens. Our answers are always down-to-earth and easy to understand (at least, we try). More info here: This is a recorded event: submit your question in advance if you are not able to attend, at We unfortunately cannot guarantee we will be able to answer ever question or provide readings to everyone in the group. But we'll do our damned best.
Sylvia Henderson
Spirituality > Developing Intuition
Recorded: Oct 27, 2016 at 06:00 pm EST
Do you own a pendulum? Would you like to experience increased accuracy in the answers you receive? If your answer is yes to either one of those questions, then this class is for you. In Pendulum Magic 101, you will learn all the basics of working with pendulum confidently. This class is for you if you own a pendulum and are unsure of the accuracy of your answers, or if you have never used a pendulum before and would like to learn how to use one with confidence and safety. In this class you will learn how a pendulum works, how you can use your pendulum in your everyday life, how to connect with your Higher Self Committee, how to work with pendulum charts, and how to clear and balance your major Chakras using a pendulum with the assistance of your Higher Self Committee. As a student in this class you will receive a Yes & No Pendulum Chart, a Pendulum Chakra Chart, and more. This class also provides energy healing that will release emotional and fear based block and believes that stop you from using your pendulum with confidence and accuracy.
Cindy Griffith
Spirituality > Developing Intuition
Recorded: Sep 09, 2016 at 08:30 pm EST
What does Little Red Riding Hood have in common with The Fool? Cinderella and The Moon? Find out as we join the Fool on his magical journey through the land of Fairy Godmothers and Big Bad Wolves. No knowledge of the Tarot necessary, just bring your inner child and imagination! Based upon the Inner Child Cards.
Angels are wonderful messengers of love, inspiration and healing. Come learn how you can communicate with your guardian angels, discover the signs they are trying to give you and how you can bring their angel love into every day life.
Develop your skills and improve your connection in this 4-week intermediate class! No previous experience necessary. Basic knowledge of the clairs and grounding/shielding techniques are however encouraged. Do you doubt your capacity to connect with your intuition/Spirit or the messages you receive? Are there fears blocking you from accessing deeper intuitive guidance? Unleash your full potential and participate in weekly circles under my mentorship and gain confidence in your skills. Learn to interpret symbols, read for others, send and receive healing, and experience various techniques to improve your connection with Spirit. This class will help strengthen your relationship with your spirit guides by focusing on a different guide each week and connecting with them through meditations and exercises. With a focus on self-healing and detachment, all my classes offer empowering tools to help you embrace and unleash your natural psychic abilities. In 4 weeks, you will learn how to: Send healing to yourself and others Gain confidence in your intuitive abilities Release any and all fears you may have about connecting to Spirit Provide accurate readings for others Deepen your connection with the spirit realm (spirit guides, angels, loved ones, etc.) Recognize your different guides and nurture relationships with each one Understand symbols and metaphors received from Spirit Detach and stay in your heart centre Unlock your soul contract and life purpose Respect boundaries and ethical codes of conduct Keep your energy up Further develop and strengthen your clairs & so much more!
Learn the basics of connecting with spirits through the power of your intentions. In this fun, 90 minute live workshop, Psychic Punx's Mimi Bonhomme will provide students with easy, down-to-earth methods for connecting with the spirit world, including meditation techniques, recognizing signs, shifting our beliefs about death and the spirit world to a more positive one, understanding the role our thoughts, intentions and energy play, trusting our intuition, using divination tools, and many more tips and tools to help ease our connection with these higher frequencies. She will also demystify some traditional mediumship views on celebrity mediumship and teach students how to contact, invoke and connect with absolutely anyone in the spirit world they want AND get a response. This workshop includes a live meditation and exercises. Mimi's methods are energy-focused, therefore neutral and not based in any religious beliefs. People of all religious and spiritual backgrounds are welcome. Mimi's classes are always fun, light-hearted and focused on self-empowerement. Absolutely anyone can achieve greater intuitive experiences by understanding how intentions and beliefs shape our experiences. Mediumship and connecting to the spirit world is not an elitist movement reserved to only a few gifted people, and the spirit world is not a VIP, password-only exclusive affair. Anyone can do this, and so can you. For more information, visit
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