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Connect with a primal and essential aspect of your spirituality through drumming. Rhythm and drumming are an intrinsic part of celebrating the divine spark within you. It doesn't matter your skill level, this drum workshop will allow you to learn rhythms to resonate with your personal energy. Explore how drumming connects you to your spiritual growth and practice and connect to those higher energies through the Crown Chakra!
Self image. How we see ourselves is just as important to overall health as our diet, getting exercise and laughter. When we look in the mirror, the image we see is what we project onto ourselves. This image is reflected outward for the world to see. The Third Eye Chakra is not just about seeing yourself, but seeing through the veil of the mundane into the wonderful world of non-physical reality. The Third Eye Chakra is the gateway to dreams, imagination, perception and visualization. Learn how basic rhythm patterns can raise energy to awaken, heal and open the Third Eye Chakra and see yourself in the light of truth!
Self-expression. The one thing we all crave to do but are told not to by so many sources around us. The ability to express ourselves through art, music, dance, word or look is extremely important to our individuality and this act is often held back by societal norms that are thrust upon us. Break through these norms and express yourself without fear of any repercussions. Learn basic rhythm patterns and also learn how these patterns can help re-energize the Throat Chakra and give power to your self-expression on all levels!
The Heart Chakra is the crossroads of energy in you, and the place where the Universe and the Individual meet. This workshop will explore the connection between your heart beat, the heart beat of the drum and the heart beat of the Earth. All the vibrations around you are connected and drumming the rhythm of the heart places you directly in the middle of it all. Get your heart racing with the vibrations of the Universe in this informative and fun workshop!
You've seen the question before - How would your closest friends describe you? How do you honestly answer that question? Get in touch with that inner part of you that helps define who you are! Learn how basic rhythms and patterns can help to energize and heal the third chakra on our quest: the Solar Plexus Chakra. The Solar Plexus Chakra is all about you and your own personal power. The Chinese call this personal power your Chi. Working with this chakra will help you balance your esteem, ego and Chi in order to be the "you" you're supposed to be.
Everyone has a relationship with something. Personal, business, friends, family, divinity, etc. Sometimes these relationships may seem to be draining you. Why? Maybe you find yourself reacting too emotionally to them, or you might find yourself invading other people's boundaries. Learn how basic rhythms and patterns can help to energize and heal the second chakra on our quest: the Sacral Chakra. Working with this chakra will help reconnect you to the relationships that matter, most importantly is the relationship with yourself!
Get back in touch with you. Have you been feeling a little disconnected from yourself recently? Have you been feeling anxious and can't quite settle yourself down? Maybe your personal boundaries have been weak and you're not sure why. Learn and explore basic rhythm patterns that will activate and energize your base chakra which will reconnect you with you! Everyone has the power of rhythm in them - tap into this power and reenergize yourself while learning about the base chakra.