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The stage of our development will require us to have higher levels of energy literacy. We have advanced far with understanding how the mind works, and now our conscious evolution is counting on us to know ourselves on an energy level. Our soul energy is what we use to manifest anything and everything that we co-create. How aware are you of when your energy is blocked, or where and it's blocked? Do you understand the energetic components of a quantum shift and how this impacts your ability to manifest? Your energy system is always restructuring itself, like the skin on your body. It isn't until, however, that we create new energy patterns that we will be able to structure our energy in such a way that our soul energy is able to be at its highest potency. Are you ready for a whole new level on your journey?
Free exploration of Soul Progression Clearing, a clearing and healing modality created by Robyn M Fritz that includes intuitive insight into an issue, shamanic techniques, assistance of spirit guides and divinities, and Reiki and crystal energy healing. It clears issues or blockages that may go back earlier in this lifetime or to past lives and clears attachments, from entities to thoughtforms.
Judi Lynch
Spirituality > Energy Work
Recorded: May 13, 2017 at 12:00 pm EDT
In this webinar we will discuss ideas and methods which help us tune into and strengthen our personal vibrational energy fields to assist in healing THE HEART CHAKRA for emotional trauma, anxiety, grief and physical pain. A guided Healing Light Energy Meditation for the Heart Chakra is included along with a question and answer chat session during or after the class.
Daniel Sonntag
Spirituality > Energy Work
Recorded: Jul 23, 2016 at 11:00 am EDT
Many of us are developing the upper, spiritual, intuitive, and creative centers. We have all these incredible ideas and insights! But we can't make any money doing it. We're afraid to get ourselves out there! Energize the root chakra! Use what you HAVE developed. Quick and easy. Includes a channeled root chakra energizing and balancing journey by David (Daniel's guides). Be prepared to have a quiet, focused experience with no distractions. Will follow the discussion. We all know the root chakra has to do with being grounded, but we are also experiencing 'new' energy shifts occurring within ourselves. Many of us 'spiritual' types and those of us who 'over-think' may not have a fully developed root chakra. An under-developed root chakra creates survival issues or issues around trust, safety, sex, family. Channeled by Daniel Sonntag, his guides will channel a technique to energize your root chakra in a completely new way, one that will integrate your upper centers and ground them in a clear and real way. This is unlike any chakra journey you've ever experienced and will transform your energy systems to adjust to the new energies coming through. Update and upgrade your energy systems.
This live interactive class will focus on -Personal Power, -Confidence, and -Inner Strength Specifically how to access and cultivate these qualities as an Empath or Healer who wants to have a greater impact in life. We will cover strategies, tools, and techniques, as well as participate in grounding your unique authentic power.
Vicki Holleman
Spirituality > Energy Work
Recorded: Mar 08, 2016 at 12:45 pm EDT
Please note* there is some audio problems during the first 10 minutes but they are cleared up after that, right when we get into the good stuff! It's time for empaths & healers to be their best. But how do we shine when we feel so much? The energy of ourselves, others, the environment, earth and atmosphere. It can be overwhelming and often draining if we don't manage our sensitivity properly. Come learn what is an empath, how to know if you are one, and learn some tools for energy mastery.
Gay Wolff
Spirituality > Energy Work
Recorded: Feb 24, 2016 at 06:00 pm EDT
An introductory workshop in creating a personal ritual practice for healing and balance. Healing Ritual is a process for going beyond the confines of our material bodies and conscious minds to clear, shift, or enhance ourselves at the levels of body, mind, and soul.
Heal yourself, release whatever is blocking you, and create your own reality, through the ThetaHealing technique. ThetaHealing uses the Theta brainwave to connect to the Energy of All That Is in order to effect substantial shifts in our reality and clear physical, psychological and spiritual blocks. Experience how life-changing the ThetaHealing technique can be for you and learn why ThetaHealing is one of the fastest growing spiritual and healing modalities in the world. In this session, you will learn what the ThetaHealing technique is all about and how it works. You will experience the healing magic of it first-hand with a channeled group healing. You will also learn about opportunities to engage with the practice longterm, either through session work, or by learning to work with the modality yourself!
In this class Dr. Karen Kan, holistic physician specializing in energy and spiritual medicine, will uncover what many spiritual teachers are afraid to speak about - lower vibrational energies - that can and have been infecting humanity through millennia. These energies are at the root of many horrific atrocities perpetrated by humans as well as the cause of physical and mental illnesses in many people. Entities are not to be feared but understood. When we "get rid" of them we literally Love them into Light. And in healing them, we heal our Shadows as well. In this class you'll learn: Learn the primary risk factors for ghost and other spirit attachments Learn the symptoms of dark entity influences Witness how assessments are done through muscle testing Learn about two safe methods of clearing entities if you're not a light worker Learn how to minimize your risk for entity influence Get a jug of water ready because we'll be creating a clearing spray for you!
Vandana Atara Aura
Spirituality > Energy Work
Recorded: Dec 21, 2015 at 09:00 pm EDT
Greetings Beautiful Beings Of Perfect & Radiant Health, Are you tired of feeling drained, depleted & exhausted absorbing toxic energies from people, places, or situations that are not serving your highest good in this reality? Our bodies are infinitely aware & conscious of everyone & everything around us & are always sending us messages and signs that we don't always pay attention to. When we tune in & listen to its wisdom, we get to speak to all of our body parts & ask for clarity and to be shown what needs to change so we can enjoy living in our bodies (not our busy brains) all the time! So when was the last time you communicated with the eternal & ancient wisdom of your body? On this call, we'll be re-visiting the origin of the trauma that created your pain, & unlock the energetic blockages held in your tissues & systems. Once you become aware & allow yourself to feel those buried feelings & unresolved emotional content, you can release the dis-ease & dis-harmony to the vastness of infinite consciousness just by embodying the energies of ease, grace, and flow. Join Vandana to receive powerful clearings to transmute pain, stress, and trauma into peace, joy, and harmony. Your birthright is to experience vitality, infinite energy flows, & radiant health. Once you choose to consciously release all the debris and clutter you've been storing in your luminous light body, you can raise your vibration higher than you ever dreamed possible for you and your ancestors. During this 1 hour healing activation & divine light transmission, you can restore your pranic life force energies & feel rejuvenated, regenerated, & revitalized!!! Most of us are feeling intense shifts & experiencing some pretty challenging times this year. We desire to break free & get unstuck from unconscious programming of stress, struggle, & limitations but don't know how or haven't been shown the way out of the matrix into co-creating a greater reality. If you're tired of being sick and tired, then this is the perfect class to sign up for & claim your perfect health again...your natural state of being:) It's your divine birthright & spiritual inheritance to naturally vibrate from the state of self-love, peace, joy, and gratitude as everything is truly a gift and a blessing no matter how we tend to judge it. You have the power to change anything that limits the quality of your life!!! In this class, you will receive a powerful self-love & gratitude healing attunement with powerful symbols, colors, and sounds from the accelerated light healing beings who are always available to accelerate your health and well-being. All you have to do is lie back and receive! Here's to your perfect & radiant health & well-being! See you on the call! Enjoy this video to get you through the holidays with ease, joy, & grace: Accelerated Light Blessings, Vandana Atara Aura Co-Creator Of Accelerated Light Healing Http://
There is a place of peace inside you, where you can rest, and where you can access your guidance. In these chaotic times, it is more important than ever to be able to practice living from your Truth. This group meditation will be supported by a healing field. It will have the focus of helping you to find your Truth center and practice sitting there, which is healing in itself. You can even get answers to life questions through this practice!