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Soul contracts are agreements between two or more individuals who made pre-incarnation just before conception. The theory behind soul contracts is that we create these contracts to expand our relationship with our own consciousness and begin to work back to oneness consciousness. Souls choose relationships and family ties based on lessons they wish to learn in human form. Making soul contracts before birth gives souls a blueprint to use to advance their spiritual growth objectives, even when they forget the contracts were made in the first place.‚  Soul contacts aren't intended to be too restrictive but can present uncomfortable situations in relationships, in order to draw energy and attention to the intended lessons. If those lessons aren't being learned, situations will become more and more difficult in order to create enough momentum to get the consciousness moving in the direction of the lesson. If a lesson isn't learned or the contract isn't completed in this lifetime, it will go forward into future lives. In this class, you will learn the purpose of soul contracts, how to identify them and use them to your advantage. You will also learn more about different types of contracts and how to identify the healing opportunities in them.
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Each of the 7 chakras corresponds to our physical, emotional and spiritual state of health.When one (or several) of our chakras are blocked or out of alignment, this can lead to imbalances of energy, sometimes even manifesting as illness or pain in our bodies. During this class, you will learn: -What each of the 7 main chakras represents physically, emotionally & spiritually -How to scan your own body using a pendulum to recognize which chakras are imbalanced or blocked - How to get the chakra energy flowing smoothly again once you recognize an imbalance Whether you're new to the world of chakras or already have a pretty solid understanding of what each chakra relates to, this class is for you if you'd like to learn how you can use a pendulum to identify imbalances and blockages to improve your health and well being.
Robin L. Waters
Spirituality > Healing
Recorded: Sep 27, 2015 at 09:40 pm EDT
Attend this free class to learn more about what Reiki is, how it heals, and what is involved in becoming a Reiki Practitioner. Robin L Waters (Casper), owner of Waters N Light Reiki N Books is a Retired California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Certified Reiki Master Teacher. Co-developer of Enloe Medical/Regional Cancer Center's Reiki Volunteer Program in Chico, Northern California, and an author of adult and children's psychological and spiritual fiction/nonfiction. She is passionate on this mission to introduce Reiki to all those who wish to be empowered with an amazing healing ability that is super easy to learn. Additionally, she will offer ten minutes of a long-distance Reiki session free (send a message through Learn it Live) to anyone who registers for the recorded Reiki Intro Class. This class is a must for anyone who has always wondered about Reiki, as it provides the opportunity to understand how awe-inspiring, empowering, and healing this energy technique is for the treatment of self and others. It will also give students a preview of what will be offered in the Reiki Basics Class that followed and is now available as a recording. Robin feels it an honor and a privilege to bring Reiki knowledge and experience to the population at large, both those who may never have heard of it and soul seekers who may discover it to be the ultimate path on their spiritual and healing journey. She looks forward to this introductory class and the more in-depth Reiki classes to follow!