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Courtney Marchesani is a Hay House author of Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive: Intuition, Empathy, Vision, and Expression. She is a medical intuitive, teacher, speaker, and coach on sensitivity and wellness. Courtney is also an OmTimes Expert, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and she designs wellness programs for Highly Sensitive People (HSP) to achieve optimal health and wellness.


M.S. Mind-Body Medicine, Saybrook University
Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Counselor/Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition
B.A. Psychology, University of Montana

Experience and Distinctions

Mental health practitioner for over a decade, award-winning community advocacy, writer, blogger, and energy worker.

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Expert Services Offered
Medical Intuitive Health Evaluation   ($350) [+] Show More Info

Complete a full assessment and health evaluation with Courtney a medical intuitive, mind-body medicine practitioner, and Integrative Nutrition Certified Health Coach. Our energy and sensitivity affects our health on every level mind, body, and spirit. Currently, modern doctors do not include the sensitivity discussion in the clinical setting, but it is so important to dig deeper and understand the how and why of your specific sensitivities. Learn how your energetic defense mechanisms and sensitivities are directly affecting your health.

Intuitive Reading   ($195) [+] Show More Info

Receive one-on one intuitive therapy and support for yourself. In this intuitive reading you will learn what is the most pressing concern in your life right now and how to move smoothly through life challenges by tapping into your own internal guidance system. This is a high energy process that includes attunement, alignment, and magnification of your own gifts.

Learn Your Sensitive Gift   ($250) [+] Show More Info

Meet with Courtney a master level teacher of sensitivity on a one hour call. After this intensive one-on-one you will receive a two page profile explaining your specific sensitivity gifts. Take the sensitive test and receive your unique profile determining the level of sensitivity experienced on an on-going basis and the ways you guard yourself. Learn the type of HSP you are - empath, visionary, intuitive, or expressive. Living as an HSP can be exhilarating and also incredibly draining if you are not practicing routine self-care. Take the sensitivity test, learn your gift.

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When we feel anxiety, depression, or have difficulty focusing the root cause is usually associated with fear, trauma, or loss. In this valuable class you'll learn dream techniques to awaken during sleep, also called Lucid Dreaming, to lessen the fear and work naturally with your own mind. We'll go through a short history of lucid dreaming from multiple perspectives like Tibetan Buddhist, Shamanic, Modern-day Mindfulness and others. You'll learn practice techniques that help increase awareness inside your dreams to realize your own potential.
This is a FREE class offered to the Learn It Live Community: Intuitive Guidance for Wellness. Whether you are a health practitioner, life coach, or wanting to dive deeper into your intuitive health practice this rich class offers tips, tricks, and real life uses of intuition for health and wellness. Bring your questions and curiosity because intuition is a remarkable gift to explore. The latest scientific research will be presented and Mind-Body Methods for using the gift of intuitive thought for health and healing (yourself and others).
Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE) mirrors the classic Near Death Experience (NDE). People who have STE's report witnessing an expanded reality, returning with augmented senses, sometimes viewing future events, and changes in their life view and perspective. Come JOIN IN this exciting talk where you can learn more about the spiritually expansive STE, ask questions, and talk about yours.
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