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For this year's anniversary, Kari and I will be hosting a live Stardust video. We will be having a reunion of the beings we have channeled before and bringing in any Sarsahr that wish to introduce themselves to us. You will be able to participate by asking questions to the beings we bring in.
This is for Hermina's 8 week Spiritual Coaching Course Level 1: Beginning into Channeling Level 2: Intermediate Channeling Level 3: Remote Viewing and Astral Projection Level 4: Trance Channeling
Hermina Rhime
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Ended: Oct 24, 2018 at 04:30 pm EST
This is a group class of 20 students maximum we go over the different types of channeling and practice each one in order to find which is the best way you connect. We discuss the art of channeling and knowing when you are channeling or not. We also go over the use of divination tools for channeling like pendulum, tarot, and dowsing rods. Notes will be e-mailed to you closer to the class session date to study beforehand if you wish, but we will be going over the topics in class.