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Elsheikh Mohamed Elsheik author of "Discovery of the Life-Organizing Principle" holds an MSc in applied mathematics, from university of Khartoum, Sudan. However, for four decades he has been involved in developing what he calls quantum information biology (QIB) and the philosophical impact of such theory. QIB reveals the biological evolution intelligent guiding principle of holistic physics nature. He has numerous publications in both fields; some of them are in Arabic. He contributed to the Third International Congress of Mathematical Biology, Chile, 1988. He contributed to Expanding Human Consciousness Conference, San Diego, 2004, Sponsored by Dena Hurst, Tallahassee, Florida. He ...See All


B.Sc, M.Sc applied mathematics.

Experience and Distinctions

45 years of self-teaching, lecturing and research. Founder of Quantum information biology. QIB is the study of bio-systems as spontaneous selforganizing dynamical systems, it bridges gap between biology and physics and describes biotic evolution and development. Also founder of faeeliya analysis. Faeeliya means creativity and altruism, faeeliya analysis is a method for revealing the faeeliya of individuals, societies and literary text. I have 4 books in Arabic concerning faeeliya. analysis.

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We deal with following problems: 1- Limitations of ordinary physics to comprehend life phenomenon. 2- Holistic physics is broadening the ontological foundation of ordinary physics. 3- What is the biological unifying concept analogous to energy in physics? 4- What are the fundamental laws of spontaneous self-organization? 5- What is the biological evolution intelligent guiding principle?.
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