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Clairvoyant and long distance channeler of light energy. Power healer - practictioner of chunsu a modality for channeling Ki or Qi or pranic energy through the body and mind at an ancestral level. Descendant of indigenous American medicine people. Owner of Mt Meru Holistic Inc. Researcher into ancient civilization and development of early religion. Research Associate for Pulitzer-nominated book, Way of the Earth: Encounters with Nature in Ancient and Contemporary Thought


Brought up in Rosicrucianism and Theosophy; Graduate of the University of Chicago's masters program in Social Sciences and graduate of Eastern University's M.Ed. program. Coursework at Lady of Lourdes Wholistic Institute in anatomy and massage.

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Faculty member and instructor in Anthropology/Social Sciences and researcher for museum exhibitions. Former Assistant Editor for the online International Journal of Multicultural Education.Researcher into ancient religion. Engaged in alternative healing and channeling since the 1980s. Research Associate for Pulitzer-nominated book, Way of the Earth.

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Beginning Shamanism - Sacred Chants    ($65)

Learn basic beliefs and practice of Eastern shamanism and its many spiritual, physical, material and emotional benefits. You will learn to cultivate, unblock and empower oneself with nourishing and vital balanced energy from the universal mind of nature through sacred mantra and movement. True Shamanism deals with ancestral healing and cleansing of one's lineages that can bring you and your entire family back into harmony with nature and environment leading to greater abundance, harmonious relationships and easier manifestation.

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