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My name is Katherine and I am a Medium; I live in Northern California. I own and operate Samina and Katherine's Healing Essence; and some my offerings include Psychic / Intuitive Sessions, Mediumship, and Energy Healing.
As a Medium, my role is to help bring closure and reassurance to my clients who are suffering because of a loss of a loved one. Automatic Writing is a tool that I use often to receive messages from the discarnate and higher vibrational beings.
As a Spiritual teacher, my role is to guide you to your own awareness, so that ...See All

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Certified Medium through Dr. Carol Nicholson
Energy healing Certifications through Debra Hubers-Paradis and Rev. Jeanine Sande
Best American Psychics Member

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a spirit circle is a group sitting of those wishing to go above or beyond the limitations of the physical world in order to connect with higher knowledge, spiritual wisdom, spirit, entities in spirit such as loved ones, angels or masters ... or any of the Creative Forces of Deity. Though you may have heard the word "séance" attributed to these activities, in truth there is nothing to be afraid of but the fears within your own imagination, subconscious programming and the fears of others. As we increase our light in knowledge, wisdom and love, we overcome all fears. Spirit circles are popular with those who are experienced with spiritual "sittings", "channelings" and "readings" for different reasons. Though many of these people just enjoy the company and the energies, our circle is a "working circle" where everybody participates.
What an exciting Season, once again we have the opportunity to reflect on the bounty of your hard work, the blessings we have and most of all, to reflect on the light and the dark side of your self. This time is all about equality and balance as you prepare for the coming Winter months. In this class, my goal is to bring you simple techniques to help keep you grounded through Breath work as you become more aware of the present moment. We will have an opportunity to share your experiences with the group after the session.
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