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Roskilde, Denmark
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I am a New Earth teacher and healer channeling Ascended Master Sarah, daughter of the Magdalene and the Master Jesus, and working with the Ascension grid and sacred springs in the town of Roskilde, Denmark where I live.


I trained for 2 years as a priestess of the Goddess, and have trained in channeling, healing, sound healing, shamanism, oracle card reading, and psychoanalytical group psychotherapy. I'm also a qualified hypnotherapist and psychiatric nurse. I've been a practicing healer for over 20 years and have channeled Sarah since 2006.

Experience and Distinctions

I teach how to connect to and work with evolutionary Ascension & 5th dimensional energies, as brought through by Ascended Master Sarah's wisdom teachings, and use them for healing, (self, others and earth healing) & self-development. I also teach how to approach sacred sites and work with the energies there.

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