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Location: Colorado, USA
  • Spirituality
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Akashic Records Readings   ($144) [+] Show More Info

I have been in private practice since 2003 conducting nearly 1000 readings annually to people from across the globe. I hold each session as a private ceremony conducted by your Angles and Guides to honor the most sacred aspects of your soul. You may read more about my offerings or schedule your time online at my website

Cosmic Shamaninsm   ($144) [+] Show More Info

From starry places, we descended as souls to incarnate on this Earth plane. Though we many have forgotten our true origin, we can feel the calling to distant lands and far away realms. A Cosmic Shamanism healing will bring us to our most ancient lifetimes exploring and reclaiming what has been forgotten. This sessions is vitally important for StarSeeds! If you feel a call to the Pleidians, Ancient Egyptians, Atlantis or Lemuria, we can reconnect you with your memories and gifts to bring them back to present use. It is my most treasured gift to share in this time with you!

Soul Retrieval   ($188) [+] Show More Info

The soul retrieval is perhaps the most important and overlooked of all healing tools. When we experience loss, trauma or depression, it is most often a spiritual ailment occurring at the deepest soul level. Many of our modern ailments can be addressed with a soul retrieval. The healing can be done remotely and will offer massive benefits that will leave you feeling restored and empowered. You can read more about the necessity for Soul Retrivelas on my Gaiam article at


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