You Are About to Embark on a Spiritual Journey and Alternate Reality with a Natural Born Psychic, Healer and Shaman.

Since I was born Psychic with the abilities of being Clairaudient, Clairsentient and Clairvoyant, my Metaphysical path was in full view ahead of me, but early on I did not realize that one day my abilities would help so many people. I am a third generation Psychic and Oma, but no one in my family publicly admitted being Psychic, until me. My mother was Psychic and an Oma and came down in a body to give me ...See All


B. A. Sociology and B.A. In Journalism

Certified Shaman Trained in South America
Certified Property Clearer and Teacher
Certified Metaphysical Counselor
Trained Psychic
Trained Psychic Medium

Experience and Distinctions

My practice involves love and compassion for the community at large. My spiritual lineage is the Omas which is based on the concept of Universal Mothers. For example, Gaia, our Mother Earth is an Oma. We are known by other names also in many cultures. We use Love and Compassion as our mission here on Earth. I transit frequencies based on the Earth stratosphere that is needed at this time. And I practice Energetic Medicine for the Human Soul.
I was chosen to come forth at this time to help the children of Gaia. If you are reading this ...See All

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