Kristen Eykel CHt. is an Author, IKYTA & E-RYT, RPYT Yogi,
Hypnotherapist and Usui Karuna/ Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher in Los Angeles.
Utilizing the principles of ancient yogic science combined with
modern teaching practices for the past 25 years, Kristen has taken yoga out of the studio and into the homes for millions. Creator of 6 Yoga DVDs, and featured in & on the cover of Yoga Journal and other publications for her expertise, she has founded Sacred Circle Teachings- a physical & spiritual Yoga, Hypnosis & Reiki training academy devoted to empowering the teachers ...See All

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Certified Hypnotherapist, Usui Karuna/ Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Birth Doula & Pregnancy ExpertCreator of the best-selling Pregnancy Yoga DVD, "Yoga for your Pregnancy" and her signature series ," Yoga Emergency- the 12 Minute Workout".Host of numerous TV shows and frequent guest & co- host on Voice America Radio.

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Kristen Eykel CHt.
Health & Wellness > Yoga
Recorded: Sep 27, 2017 at 02:15 pm EDT
Join this class on the Art of Pranayama. Yoga discipline holds many practices for enlightenment and awareness, but one of the most primary ones is Breath. Pranayama balances the brain, detoxifies the body, reduces the awareness of pain, balances emotions, and clears away anxiety. It connects us to our truth and wisdom, and allows greater creative consciousness to emerge. Breath is often held in moments of stress, fear and pain, so by re-patterning breath in specific cycles, we can literally release years of stored trauma from the tissues and the mind. Come connect to your breath and let go in a sigh what has been weighing you down in silence. Many people sip inhales, but in this class, learn what it means to truly Breathe!
Take your healing to the NEXT level! Holy Fire ll Reiki is a more refined and higher frequency energy that amplifies your Usui Reiki or any other healing modality that you currently employ. As well, the Holy Fire ll Reiki energy causes a "burning away" of that which no longer serves you. Be prepared for relationships to evolve, circumstances to clear and for your creativity and abundance to open up new pathways for expression. Joining this class LIVE and in person allows you to ask questions and to receive the Reiki meditations and Placements in a way that was impossible with Usui Reiki alone. You will feel inspired and energized, awakened and restored. Allow for an integration process to occur after this class. Perhaps avoid alcohol and chaotic energy for a little while to fully appreciate and absorb the glow of this heightened field of awareness.
This course is the companion to the book Planning for Success- a 6Week Planner Harnessing the Science of Yoga to Help you Recreate Your Life, Set Your Goals& Manifest Your Intentions by KristenEykel CHt.
Kristen Eykel CHt.
Spirituality > Meditation
Recorded: Jul 10, 2016 at 01:00 pm EDT
Join me as we connect you to the Holy Fire energy. This 20 minute meditation more deeply opens your connection for Source to flow within you, as well as offers a deep channel of self-knowing to become opened.
In the sixth of the Meditation for Elevation series, we go higher....all the way up to Elevation to Source. Our connection to the vital life force energy of Source is who we are at our most basic core. In the course of day to day life, we forget this, and become leaden with the weight of "normal life" around us, to the point that we forget who we are! Take this opportunity to re-connect in your awareness to Source from the foundation of life all the way up to Creation. This meditation is a powerful journey and builds upon the past 5 sessions as a way to cause clearing of your blocks,and open you in freedom now. Rediscover what you are made of and feel how incredible it feels to FLY!
In this, the fifth in the Mediation for Elevation series, we open up the treasure chest of Creative Abundance. Learn where you have been playing small and hiding your treasures from even yourself! You have so much more to offer the world. Open up your Creativity and create a sense and feeling of how big you can truly be. Once you allow your senses to open up, you will begin to receive the Creativity that sparks your Abundance more easily and with much more joy!
The fourth in the Meditation for Elevation series, this session focusses on Manifesting Self. YOU are the foundation of your entire life! What you think is what you create. How do you really think of yourself? In this session, I will guide you deeply within so that you may discover your unconscious dialogues that sabotage your manifestation of the life you desire. As well, you will re-write these dialogues so that you may learn how to continually regain greater and greater say over who you can truly create yourself to be!
This is the third session in the six week Meditation for Elevation series. Many of us feel depleted at the end of the week- or even the end of the day! Learn to find the energetic "holes" in your field that may be draining your life force. Once you do, you then can seal them and begin to refill your being. Using my special guided meditation and clearing techniques designed to give you immediate insight and answers, you will gain control over your energy. You can learn how to recharge and refresh yourself - preventing burnout, stress, and anxiety from depleting you so easily.
The second in the Meditation for Elevation Series, this session with focus on Forgiveness for All. The misconception about forgiveness, is that you may be letting someone "off the hook" for wrongs that you may have experienced with them.However, Forgiveness is not about them, it is ALWAYS about you. Your feeling lack of Forgiveness translates into a host of mental and emotional, and if left untended, physical imbalances that are unnecessary for you to carry any longer. Let go of what is blocking your heart, voice, creativity and mind, and dive into how good it feel to Forgive yourself most of all!
This is the first session in the six week Meditation for Elevation series. This session will delve into a hot topic amongst my student- Energetic Clearing! If you notice that you feel tired after interacting wth certain people or feel the need to shower or distance yourself from certain people- PAY attention! Many people are highly sensitive to other people's energies- both positively and negatively. Learn how this may impact you and what to do to keep your energy clean, clear and uncontaminated by other's thoughts and emotions. You may unwittingly be processing someone else's stuff, and this is not your job. Your job is to keep YOUR field high, so that you may do your own work of Elevation. Holding space in this zone of neutrality is a respectful and loving way to support those around you who may be struggling. You tackling their energy is of no service to either of you. Learn how to identify when it occurs, how to clear yourself in the moment, and how to prevent it from reoccurring over and over again!
Kristen Eykel CHt.
Recorded: Dec 07, 2015 at 06:00 pm EDT
"Chakra means Wheel. The ancient Yogis and modern Clairvoyants who can see this energy all describe it as spinning vortices of energy that are located at certain points around the body. Most of the chakras in our energetic body correspond to main nerve centers, however, there are many more besides the simple 7 you may have heard about before. Animals also use their power centers as means of perception in ways that we have no practical understanding of. We already know that their physical senses are more acute than our own, but they also have other perceptions to help them navigate the Earth in ways that have meant survival of their kind. Migrations, pack behavior, hibernations as well as care giving and mental communications may all depend upon these mechanisms. Animal sensitives have learned much about these senses and it's field of study is a course in and of itself. The power of the Chakra system then lies in much more than our simple connection to breath and our feelings. It lies to the very center of Life and connection to the Creative Source. For this connection is what causes us to be the creative energetic beings that we are. We have a Light Body made of these centers that connects to our our nerve and organ centers in the physical body, but we also have points that correspond to the Greater Energy of all life that allows us to envision and manifest on this planet. Without the chakra connection, we manifest mere base survival, and our higher forms of thought and creativity languish. "
In this 30 Minute Introduction to Meditation Class, we will go on a journey into mind and being that will open your heart to how Awesome you truly are and can allow yourself to BE!