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Helping female leaders clear past trauma and transform it into mind-body balance and soul purpose, using the gifts of the sacred feminine. Offering programs on two tracks: healing track: clearing past trauma into mind-body balance, sacred feminine spirituality, and soul purpose. Soul Purpose/Work track: Where psychotherapists and other sacred feminine leaders clear out past trauma and self worth blockages, and transform it into ecstatic private practice..."clarity and cash with edge and sass". Apply here for a complimentary personal clarity session to begin.


I hold a Masters Degree in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, a BA from Vassar College, and have twenty years experience studying, practicing, and applying somatic and spiritual healing techniques. I also hold 1000 hours of yoga trainings, multiple spiritual initiations, and a vast bodywork education. (note: all education is under my birth name, Jessica Abelson) .

Experience and Distinctions

My first career spanned a decade plus of yoga teaching and workshop facilitation, including clients such as Novartis and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Since 2013 I've been a transformational coach and teacher. I've been a speaker at the California Institute of Integral Studies and a featured writer in Mad In America.

To find out if we are divinely aligned to alchemize together, if you are ready to believe in yourself, ready to invest in yourself and ready to create what you do desire -get in touch!

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A women's self love and self care workshop. Come into Spring with deepened self-care, self-love, self-expression. Feel your inner Goddess/Queen/Diva Ignite with Personal Power. Explore female sensuality through breath, movement, creativity, and divine feminine archetypes. Learn how self care and nurturing relate to clearing past trauma and creating your own personal brand of leadership.
In holistic and healing communities, all too often there is a story that we "don't have the money". While concretely and objectively *true* the universe (yoni verse!) is an energetic being that responds to OUR energy ! Learn how to heal your self-worth and money blockages, how to get out of your head and into your body, and how to use all of that with sacred feminine energy and *pleasure* . Uplevel your spiritual and financial health first through healing and releasing blockages and then through intuitive aligning to higher levels of wealth.
Did you become a therapist out of a desire to do good, help people heal, and create a sustainable income on your own terms? Are you finding out that the system has issues, and that maybe you feel trapped in "the rules" , like you can't authentically express yourself, or you're not making enough money? Join me for this juicy, hot, and *REBELLIOUS* exploration of when to leave a psychotherapy job or internship to pursue coaching, what the benefits (and detriments) are , and how to thrive. Many of my clients have found deeper pleasure, more fun, juice, and creative ease, as well as personal trauma healing and increased incomes, in making this sacred leap. I will also share a piece of my own personal story about how trying to be a psychotherapist nearly left me homeless, and what I did instead.