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Hello! I am an author, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Coach, and thoroughly enjoy sharing my abilities and perspectives with others to foster growth and personal development among many!


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Practicing intuitive mediumship for over 7 years now through private sessions, private groups, & skype & phone sessions. More info at

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This is a 4-week, modular course designed to guide you through sourcing your intuitive connection. on September 1st you'll receive all course materials, guided meditations and writing prompts along with other materials to foster your growth and development. This is a self guided personal development course. You'll also have LIVE interaction weekly with Kimberly, via webinar video chat for Q & A time. You will have a total of 6 Live sessions with Kim within these 4 weeks! Source your intuition and develop your personal gifts through this guided course, and enrich your life!
Kimberly Ray
Spirituality > Spiritual Development
Ended: Aug 21, 2019 at 09:30 pm EST
LIVE Channeling Spirit Session
Join me in this live, interactive discussion and I'll share tips and strategies for effective spirit communication. I'll also leave time for Q & A to answer your questions!
This class is a 2-part, progressive series , that will foster expanded awareness of your intuitive self, and guide you through mediumship development. Series 1: -Working with the subconscious mind, to eliminate barriers of fear. -Understanding the essence of self, at it's core. -Expanding into timeless self awareness. -Overview of the basics of spirit communication Series 2 -Establishing structure in the communication process -Recognizing spirit's presence -Communication Strategies with spirit -Validation As always, in each class I encourage everyone to be as interactive as possible, and have your questions ready!
Join me in this live group channeling session, as I open myself up to channeling your loved ones. I'll communicate to spirit on the other side, as your loved ones step forward to communicate with you. And, as always, I'll make time to answer your questions!
Join me in an interactive group class, as I break down some advanced concepts in spirit communication, and help you put structure to your mediumship development, for evidential facts and information to shape strong, factual communication.
join me in an interactive group class, to expand your awareness through your psychic abilities and develop a basic understanding of spirit communication.
Kimberly Ray
Recorded: Feb 19, 2017 at 03:00 pm EST
Join Me as I discuss key tips to raise your vibration, to expand your awareness as you come into true consciousness. The send half of the webinar will be open channeling, and I'll channel my guides, or your loved ones to answer your questions, and provide guidance.
This class is created to help you better understand your 5 psychic clairs and how to use them to enrich your daily life. We will discuss how to shift your awareness to each Clair, and how to practice mindfulness of each one.
Kimberly Ray
Spirituality > Mediumship
Recorded: Nov 09, 2016 at 08:00 pm EST
Another group call created so you have an opportunity to ask Erik your questions and even connect to loved ones on the other side.
This class is designed to help you understand to see yourself as a spirit channel and some tips to develop yourself as a spirit channel for communication.