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Are you ready to remember who you really are? To awaken your gifts, know your Divine purpose and claim your power & birthright to live a joy-filled, magnificent life?! Janet Hensenne-Rosiak is a gifted intuitive, master healer, spiritual medium, channel to the mystical realms, and inspirational teacher & mentor whose life's work is dedicated to helping you do just that. With over 25 years of experience, Janet combines ancient and cutting edge techniques, quantum physics and spirituality, as well as her own intuitive gifts, as she helps guide individuals along their paths, finding their unique Magical Design & Map to opening & healing their hearts & souls, removing the blocks to true inner joy, and accessing their connection to Divine guidance and living an absolutely Sparkle-filled life! She is a Certified Advanced ThetaHealing® Instructor, Matrix Energetics® Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, Advanced Craniosacral Therapist and Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®. Her extensive training also includes areas such as Energy Medicine, Vibrational Repatterning, Acupressure, Crystal Healing, Chakra & Subtle Energy Work, Sound/Color/Movement. She has been very blessed and extremely fortunate to have trained with many international leaders in the healing world and the founders of various healing modalities. Her signature systems, "Awakening the Magic" & "JoyfulSpirit" services include Individual 1:1 & Group Mentorship/Coaching Programs, Divine Days, Spiritual Readings and a wide range of transformational workshops and certification classes. As a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Janet works with the angels, archangels, spirit guides and ascended masters to bring healing, insight, enlightenment and guidance to all areas of life. As a Spiritual Medium, through individual/group readings and speaking engagements/events, Janet provides evidence that we are so much more than just physical bodies and that our connection to loved ones is forever. She is also quite at home in the Faery, Mermaid & Dolphin realms, acting as a Light Bridge between them and this world for those who are called. Her greatest joy is assisting individuals in reclaiming the Magic & Divine Light that exists within each and every one of us...remembering that healing comes from within, and that everyone has the power to create miraculous changes in their lives, manifesting all that they dream and desire with Ease & Grace. Janet's clients and students come from all walks of life, spanning the globe from New Jersey, her home base, all the way to Japan - all with one intention - to find their way to a fulfilling, abundantly joyful, Spirit-filled life where Magic and Miracles are Real! Her private practice, Awakening the Magic, is located in Erial NJ, where she also lives with great joy and gratitude with her Prince Charming, Michael and their 3 furry "kids," Gandalf, Gwenhwyfar & Aurora.
My name is Lis McPheeters and I am an Intuitive Energy Healer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Self-Growth Coach, Clinical Aromatherapist, and Reiki Master. Holistic health and the healing arts are a great passion of mine and my life's purpose. I stumbled upon this work nearly 20 years ago after I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Holistic modalities saved my life and I now use the work that healed my mind and body to help others heal theirs. I recently returned to my hometown of Ft. Wayne, Indiana where I am committed to helping the members of my community, friends, and family use holistic work to heal their own minds and bodies. My practice, True You Holistics, is one of the greatest loves of my life and I am grateful and honored to do the work that I do and that I was blessed with an intuitive ability to heal another person's body. I devote much of my work to healing the physical body of stress, anxiety, pain, extra weight, and the physical disease by working in the Chakras or Energy Centers. The chakras cannot perform optimally when they are "clogged" with unprocessed emotion, pain, or stress. Clearing and balancing the chakras allows the body to flow energy appropriately and allows the body to lower the stress response that is causing them physical issues. I believe that this work is for everyone, not just those on a spiritual quest, and I make the work practical so everyone can understand how important our Energetic Body System is to our overall health and wellness. You can read more about my story and my work at www.trueyouholistics.com, find me on Facebook at True You Holistics or connect with me via email at [email protected]
Jacquie has always loved animals, children, and nature. Through her work at Golden Lotus Spiritual Healing and the Mother Earth Healing Foundation, she is able to help adults, children, animals, and the earth heal their painful pasts, reclaim the most sacred parts of themselves, and create a brighter future. "I was able to heal and reclaim parts of myself that I thought were permanently damaged and gone. I decided to make it my mission to help others heal and release whatever has happened to them along the way that made them feel that they have lost the best parts of themselves."
M. Kelley Hunter, Ph.D., is an internationally-known Astrologer and Mythologist. Her teaching and consultation work is enriched by perspectives from depth psychology, cosmology, goddess spirituality and holistic studies. Author of Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine and Black Moon Lilith, she contributed to the 3-volume anthology, Goddesses in World Culture, and to various magazines, including The Mountain Astrologer and The International Astrologer. She shares her own Cosmic News via email, on her website, www.heliastar.com, and on her FB page: Kelley Hunter, AstroMythology. Director of Helia Productions, Kelley enjoys experiential learning and creative process through writing, visual and dramatic arts.
Contacting your Spirit Guides and Angels for transformational healing, closure, guidance, insight, revelations and prophecy. "You are not alone." "There are angels in your life to help you navigate in times of need." Tammy sees, feels, hears and knows what the other side needs to communicate to the living. She gives spiritual readings for people to answer questions that rest heavy on the heart. Her readings dispel fear, reveal truth and inspire hope by guiding others towards living life fully. Tammy has been on some local radio and news TV also on some local cable network channels. Tammy is America's "Best Kept Secret" of Psychic/Intuitive's. "I have traveled the world understanding my abilities better and visited many Holy Lands and Vortex's. I was blessed to be born without a vail which means I still see and hear the Angels and Spirits. I take a chosen few on very special Spiritual Retreats and love to share with them my knowledge and teaching. I look forward to organizing larger retreat groups and getting people together to share the wonders of healing and release of negativity."
Diana is an Intuitive Healer, Psychic Medium and Channel, Author, LILAC Master Intuitive Energy Healer, Ordained Minister, Certified Reiki Master, and Teacher.. Diana connects directly to Source/God/Universal energy and teaches from spirit. Each session is always different depending on the needs of the group. Diana helps others to feel empowered and in control of their spiritual gifts. Diana has been mentoring advanced students for several years. Diana's book Messages from the Enochian Tablets- A Lightworker's Guide to Energetic Clearing is available for purchase www.dianakushenbach.com Diana's 2nd book 777 Purpose and Truth over Resistance *****Diana's live podcast alternate Wednesdays at 4pm CST at NEWSFORTHESOUL.COM Thank you for looking. More information available at www.dianakushenbach 630-269-0115 private sessions with Diana can be scheduled also. Peace and Blessings, Diana Kushenbach Location: 6442 College Rd. Lisle, IL 60532