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A woman with an interesting past, imagining her future daily with You. That is who I am - a living, breathing human-becoming who daily experiences life as a:
- Mother
- recent Grandmother
- Master's degree holder in International Relations and a second pending in Theological Studies
- Communications and Marketing professional and lecturer with over 20 years in the field
- Workshop coordinator and presenter
- trained Spiritual Counsellor/Chaplain with hospital and prison tenure
- Writer, Blogger and Content Curator
- Founder of The Daughters of Sheba Foundation
- Call ...See All


Certificate, Dialetical Behaviour Therapy
Master, Theological Studies (pending)
Clinical Pastoral Education, CAPPE
Dip., Marketing
B.A../M.A., International Relations

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edmonton, CAN
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Vision: The Kent-Cook Institute, a school of metaphysics, mysticism and healing teaches the principles of metaphysics as they enjoin the principles of reality. Mission Statement: The Kent-Cook Institute - Providing the path of special awareness upon which to journey through classes that Tune into alternate realities and Transcend limitations; A place inviting students asking the deepest questions; yearning to know the core truth of existence And for all who seek the wisdom and mastery of Spiritual Insight. KCI successfully prepares you to be a successful and effective medium working directly with the public and to speak evidentially with ghosts. Program Descriptions: Certified Spiritual Healer: The purpose of this course of study is to become a certified, hands-on Energy Worker. You will learn the various modalities of alternative energy work. Esoteric Philosophy: A Foundation in Metaphysical Studies, this program as a part of The Mystery School will provide a definition for Enlightenment and an extensive range of study in the various secret forms of metaphysics giving a solid footing in life-expanding knowledge. This will prepare you to be a professional metaphysical teacher. Certified Medium: Training to hone one's personal intuitive abilities to be able to work with Guides, Angels and Spiritual Mentors, to deliver messages from the Ghosts of The Spirit World to those seeking spiritual answers. This program prepares you to develop your soul's life purpose. With this certification you are granted Professional Mediumship standing.
I assist people by phone/Skype/in person who wish to learn and clear, underlying mental-emotional issues causing-driving their health and success concerns. A third generation intuitive, I'm trained in Touch for Health, NLP, Waldorf, NVC, USM and MSIA MSS-DSS. I've seen clients professionally since 2001. With Camille Leon, I co-founded the Westside Holistic Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles. Before 2001 I spent ten years working on starting new Waldorf private and charter schools. Before that I lived in intentional communities. 22 books eBooks on Balance on All Levels, Best Practices in Energy Medicine. A Skill Ladder of Energy Medicine exists. Everyone who wants to can do safe, home experiments taking baby steps forward on their own Hero's Journey of Healing. Self-connection is our most direct source of healing.
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