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Learn reliable techniques that will get your creative juices going. Step into your creative flow by tapping into your insight, inspiration, and out of box thinking. Join experts Laura Emerald and Harry Kroner in a down to earth, practical approach, to tapping into your genius.
ALIGN WITH THE DIVINE: Experience powerful techniques to align with THE DIVINE on a daily basis as well as experience a special healing meditation for you and your loved ones which has been offered in private events nationally since 2008! The results of this special experience have been profound and you really must experience it to believe it! This hour course is perfect for those seeking to clarify themselves as pure channels for the higher realm or simply those wishing to heal themselves and others and connect with their loved ones.
Beth Cornell
Health & Wellness
Recorded: Aug 30, 2015 at 12:45 pm EDT
Are you interested in learning about meditation? Get your questions answered by a 30 year practitioner of the art of meditation and try out different types of meditation weekly online from where ever you are. Some of the benefits of meditation are: Improves the immune system Lowers blood pressure Decreases stress and tension related pain Lowers levels of blood lactate - reducing anxiety Mind-Body-Spirit connection Reduce negative emotions Increase self-awareness Gain new perspectives Expand your intuition Mental focus and concentration
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I have worked in the subtle energy field for over 30 years. I offer remote/virtual meditation and art through Learn it Live, my blog, social media and websites.
Hello, I'm Laura Emerald: Spirit Medium, Teacher, and Speaker and I've been helping people for over 10 years connect with their loved ones, family, friends, and guides in spirit. I am also an expert in Sustainable Living (Founder and President of Sustainable Life Solutions and co-Founder of www.BoltonLocal.org) and helping those on a spiritual path live a more sustainable life. While a Quality Assurance Director for large international software companies, at the age of 35, loved ones in spirit started talking to me. Although initially I was very skeptical, I soon learned that it was real when messages had details I did not know. Being "awakened to my ability" wasn't enough, I wanted to develop these new found "skills" by taking classes and workshops with Spirit Mediums Rita Berkowitz, John Holland, and James Van Praagh, and learned how to harness my new found "abilities" and to "shut it off" when appropriate. I believe that we all have this ability if we are open to "re-awakening" to it and I've been teaching others to develop their connection to the higher realm as I myself did later in life. To learn more visit me at: www.lauraemerald.com
Harry Kroner and Laura Emerald have been teaching personal and spiritual growth for over 20 years combined. they bring a down to earth, practical approach to learning and enhancing your talents and infinite potential. To learn more about Laura: https://spirit.learnitlive.com/LauraEmerald to learn more about Harry: https://spirit.learnitlive.com/harrykroner