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Rosie Kuhn
Recorded: Dec 10, 2015 at 10:00 pm EST
To parent like a guru requires mindfulness as well as a beginner's mind. It requires a clear intention of what is desired through this life-long spiritual practice of parenting. It takes courage to look deeply into one's being for what is in alignment with our highest desires for our children and grandchildren. We gain curiosity, so we willingly look at our beliefs, interpretations and ways of being, which may interfere with following through, moment by moment, to the fulfillment of our desire to parent like a guru. This course is an introduction to the practice of parenting with your own unique spiritual values and principles in mind. As you cultivate awareness of the many life elements that influence your parenting, you will gain self-trust, self-respect and honor of your own inner parent-guru. You will leave with tools to empower you to choose in ways that provide the desires you are wanting, for you and your children. You will be thrilled as you increase your potential for making your child's spirit soar. This course comes from my most recently published book: Cultivating Spirituality in Children: 101 Ways to Make Every Child's Spirit Soar. As a grandparent I questioned the best way to teach my grandson about spirituality. This internal discussion inspired me to write the book. A free video series: Parent Like a Guru, also grew out of this book. And now this introductory course. Who knows where all of this could lead?
Janet Nestor
Recorded: Dec 10, 2015 at 08:30 pm EST
Quick tips on quieting your monkey mind Experience a guided meditation designed to bring your fully present.
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There is only one thing in the way of creating the life of your dreams and aligning with higher levels of consciousness; it's your mind. The mind is influencing your energy, your moods, what you create and how you're experiencing life, right now. And the only reason this is happening is because of old programing and misunderstanding. You are living from the energy of past experiences and old beliefs, which no longer match what you want to experience and understand today. It's time to make a change, and it only takes 30 minutes to start! Register today for this FREE guided, energy transformation... With gratitude, Yolanda
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Yolanda Williams is a Reiki-Master Teacher, Intuitive Mentor and host of the weekly podcast, Reiki Radio. She specializes in transformation of energy and Divine-Eye training (intuitive mastery). She believes the key to all spiritual work is rooted in self-connection, allowing you to see yourself in TRUTH, from a higher level of consciousness. She also knows, first hand, what it's like to seek answers around who and what you are, as well as the journey of finding your path and purpose. She encourages everyone to explore in new ways, while choosing to move into higher levels of awareness and understanding. Her students and clients lovingly refer to her as an "old soul", who makes learning these techniques easy, fun and comprehensive. Yolanda has learned, through teaching, that the way we translate and work with energy is as unique as our fingerprints, and her classes are designed to help you tap into your own inherent gifts and abilities. Her work includes Reiki, Intuition, Aura Coding, Chakra Rejuvenation and Meditation. She uses and teaches these tools to guide you in your own process of self-realization, and to help you "see" just how beautiful and magical you are!
Dr. Rosie Kuhn, is the creator of the Transformational Coaching Training Program. She is a Life and Executive coach, and the author of many books, including, Self-Empowerment 101, which is a culmination of her work as a life coach, marriage and family therapist, spiritual guide, and facilitator of Transformational Coaching. Dr. Rosie has worked in the field of human development for over 30 years, including addictions and recovery, family violence and spiritual direction. She works internationally as a speaker, trainer and executive coach in Moscow, London, Prague, and Tel Aviv. Most recently, Dr. Rosie has published: Cultivating Spirituality in Children: 101 Ways to Make Every Child's Spirit Soar. Each of Dr. Kuhn's books, provide simple, spiritual insights to support and empower her readers to honor their own unique truth and Spirit. You can find more information about Dr. Rosie Kuhn and her work at www.theparadigmshifts.com.
Janet Nestor, MA, LPC, DCEP (Masters in Mental Health Counseling, Licensed Professional Counselor, Diplomate: Comprehensive Energy Psychology) is a teacher and holistic healing facilitator with over forty years of experience helping individuals, groups, and veterans. Her peers would refer to her as a distinguished expert in stress reduction. One of her specialties is helping individuals with chronic illness regain emotional and physical resilience and the ability to move forward in their lives. In addition to her therapeutic work with individuals and groups, Ms. Nestor is also a best-selling author. The success of her first book, *Pathways to Wholeness*, led to the publication of her second book, *Nurturing Wellness through Radical Self Care* by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. *Nurturing Wellness Through Radical Self Care* went on to become a holistic best-seller on Amazon and teaches the mindfulness skills of true happiness, deep listening, honest communication, and a positive way of living that brings harmonic resonance between mind, body, and spirit and planet Earth. You will also learn Radiant Energies Balance, an easy to use energy psychology. Her third book, *Yeshua: One Hundred Meaningful Messages for Messengers,* published in 2015 by Xulon Publishing, is a collection of short stories, channeled by Yeshua through Ms. Nestor, about how to live a spiritually connected and love filled life. Ms. Nestor also brings her wisdom into the speeches, classes, workshops, and individual sessions she delivers, and in a way that feels calming and safe. The feedback she receives after speaking to an audience or delivering a workshop, class or individual session confirms that her words have helped her listeners expand their awareness and inspired them to use their creativity to build an enriched life that is in alignment with their true inner nature. Ms. Nestor is married with two daughters, four grandchildren, and a little Yorkie named Cozmo. She splits her time between her home in Maryland and her home near Wilmington North Carolina. She can be reached through her blog at http://mindfulpathways.com.