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Vicki Holleman
Spirituality > Energy Work
Recorded: Mar 08, 2016 at 12:45 pm EST
Please note* there is some audio problems during the first 10 minutes but they are cleared up after that, right when we get into the good stuff! It's time for empaths & healers to be their best. But how do we shine when we feel so much? The energy of ourselves, others, the environment, earth and atmosphere. It can be overwhelming and often draining if we don't manage our sensitivity properly. Come learn what is an empath, how to know if you are one, and learn some tools for energy mastery.
This session is a followup to an introduction to conscious dreaming. In this session, I will cover the essential practice of dreamkeeping and why dreamcatching is so important for a conscious dreamer. 1.What is dreamcatching? 2.Why dreamcatching is an essential practice for dreamwork. 3. How to work with a dream fragment. 4. How to break a dream drought. 5. How to create a personal dream �¢ï¿½ï¿½dictionary�¢ï¿½ï¿½
Heal yourself, release whatever is blocking you, and create your own reality, through the ThetaHealing technique. ThetaHealing uses the Theta brainwave to connect to the Energy of All That Is in order to effect substantial shifts in our reality and clear physical, psychological and spiritual blocks. Experience how life-changing the ThetaHealing technique can be for you and learn why ThetaHealing is one of the fastest growing spiritual and healing modalities in the world. In this session, you will learn what the ThetaHealing technique is all about and how it works. You will experience the healing magic of it first-hand with a channeled group healing. You will also learn about opportunities to engage with the practice longterm, either through session work, or by learning to work with the modality yourself!
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Dr. Tim Jackson, DPT received his undergraduate degree in Health science and chemistry from Wake Forest University in 2003. He completed his Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) from the Medical University of SC in 2009. Realizing that manual therapy and orthopedic care helped only some of his patients, he began studying functional and environmental medicine, as well as digestive health, in an effort to help others achieve wellness. Dr. Tim is educated in nutritional biochemistry, digestive health and its systemic effects, as well as functional endocrinology. Dr. Tim is on the board of the International College on Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, the most progressive, up-to-date, evidence-influenced information for integrative providers. Dr. Tim lectures nationally on functional medicine and its ability to transform lives. Currently, he has a thriving international consulting practice, partnering with both traditional medical doctors as well as naturopathic physicians. He has been featured everywhere from The Bulletproof Executive to RobbWolf.com and regularly appears on podcasts to educate and inspire both clinicians and patients. His website is www.healyourbody.org, and his email is drtim072981@gmail.com
International Abundance Expert Moira Shepard is the author of “Top 10 Ways to Be a Love and Money Magnet.” Moira supports women in feeling worthy of having Abundance, which makes it much easier to create and sustain an abundant life. She specializes in guiding coaches, healers, leaders, lightworkers and visionaries to shed the self-doubt and low self-worth that keeps them from living their passion and purpose. After 20 years in the healing arts, Moira cherishes the privilege of supporting thousands of people in living their dreams – including you, if you’re willing.
I am an evolutionary astrologer, yoga instructor and holistic nutritionist living in southern Vermont. When we understand the reason behind an experience, the path towards greater health and wellbeing becomes clear. Getting to the heart and soul of the matter in my work, I offer compassionate support that identifies the root causes of current life challenges, and views them as opportunities for spiritual growth. We are each on a unique path of personal evolution and I am honored to be here, in service to your soul's highest and greatest good. The classes I offer foster self-knowledge, self-acceptance and healthy living, and empower you to live life to the fullest; in alignment with your true nature.