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In this training session we will view the virtual classroom and learn how to use it and its tools effectively as an instructor.
Deep within our Heart lies the most potent connection to Truth. This is our personal Navigation System. Once this connection is made, our lives become magical. But if we are not firmly connected here, then we create from the falsehoods we agreed to hold as our truth. All resources reside within and by harnessing our Truth we create the life we dream of. This is a free Introduction, to the Inner Emergence Intensive, which is a deep-dive two-month program. In this evening's event, we explore the possibility of resolution of things that hold us back from creating and living our dreams. This will be a very deeply immersive experience. To get the most out of it, plan to be in a place during this webinar where you can lay down or sit comfortably to dive deep and receive. A variety of "tools" will be used including Sacred Sound. This free webinar is an introduction to my work on Learn It Live, and will give you the opportunity to experience the body/mind/spirit play that I use. At the beginning of the webinar, I will spend a few minutes to provide additional information on the Inner Emergence Intensive, which will begin on Monday, January 25 here on Learn It Live. I do this at the beginning so that you can stay "in the space" after the webinar and not have to shift gears and attend to "business." Watch the video about the program. You will hear references to Whole Harmony, etc. The program name has been changed, as well as the duration to make it more accessible to individuals. All details about the Inner Emergence Intensive is on the Offerings page of my website: http://www.creativedivinestudios.com/#!offerings/c1ca1
Harness the power of the New Moon to manifest your reality. Learn why the dark phase of the moon is the perfect time to create your reality! Intended to give you hands on ceremonies to craft your own ritual, you'll receive instruction on: - crafting a clear intention - creating moon water - choosing crystals of significance - candle magic to support your manifestations - working with New Moon goddesses to strengthen your ceremony
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Myrrh de Marmion is a Sacred Sound Alchemist, Ecstatic Vocalist, visionary, Earth Keeper, and the creator of the newly-launched Pulse of Life Global Education Initiative. Pulse of Life focuses on all of us humans as “artists of life.” Regardless of where we are in our personal journey or what it is we desire to experience in our lives, we are all “artists” ultimately seeking a deeper remembrance and connection to knowing WHO WE ARE, to the Universal Life Force that is the creator and permeator of all things. The offerings of Pulse of Life explore and work with Sacred Sound, Energy, and deep intuition via Heart, Soul and the Akashic Realms to strengthen our awareness to work with the Creative Life Force inherent in all beings.
Learn It Live connects groups to real-time classes with experts. Specializing in interactive health & wellness programs, we allow organizations to provide the best in online education to their entire group. Through a Learn It Live Learning Center, organizations easily connect their groups to real-time classes led by top experts in health & wellness and business. By accessing classes through a Learn It Live program, participants get real-time, personal instruction from a world-class instructor. We believe in the power of online education to spread knowledge, and have created a turnkey platform that allows organizations to easily leverage the power of online learning with experts. Since 2009, the Learn It Live team has worked passionately on online education. Our entire team is dedicated to the continued practice of spreading knowledge by making top-quality online education available to all.
A gifted medium, healer and intuitive, Andye Murphy walks with a foot in both worlds. As a child psychic, she quickly realized there was more to reality than what most people could see or touch. With a degree in psychology and a decade spent in corporate America, Andye admitted talking to angels and spirit guides was more fulfilling, and left the nine to five behind. She has devoted her studies to shamanic traditions, ancient civilizations, past lives, galactic activations and vibrational healing, seamlessly weaving empowered spiritual guidance with effective transmutative healing. Known as the Rock 'n Roll Shaman, Andye brings a spirited personality and vivacious attitude to the healing realms. Relying on the truth found in Akashic Records, her work delivers conscious expansion and peace of mind to clients from all walks of life. From cosmic play to past-life memories, she shifts the cobwebs out in body, mind, heart and soul, to empower her clients to create a life that walks fearlessly down the path of truth. With a thriving practice in Colorado's foothills, Andye is passionate about sharing her knowledge, and allowing her clients the space to embrace their own innate wisdom and tap into their highest potential.