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Dear animal lovers, have you wanted to find a way to communicate and connect with your animals to improve their health and behavior, and your relationship with them? This 30 min. introductory class for beginners will include a guided meditation for grounding and centering yourself, and activating the intuitive centers, helping you prepare for communication. You will also learn about and practice the first step in animal communication, sensing through the body. If after seeing how easy it is, you want to learn more on the topic, join me in my successive classes.
This class is about clearing one's energy field, most specifically the "Hollow" the tube that we connect and access energy from above and below. We will be learning how to expand the hollow into a full torus shape. I will share about what I see when I tune in to work with clients, whether that be as a therapist, a Psychic, or a Reiki Master. At times I see the tube pinched off at the top, or the bottom, or both, and what that shows up as: Depression, Anxiety, lack of grounding, loneliness, and blocked flow. We will do some simple body movement, then grounding and clearing, opening up the hollow from a narrow tube to expanding it with our intention to becoming larger than our bodies, into a full flowingTorus. We will do a guided process that can be redone at anytime to clear the flow and keep things moving in our experience. I will then take questions and close.
Do you have reoccuring situations with people that never seem to resolve? Do you have unexplainable fears or cause you from living your life to the fullest? Do you have health problems such as headaches and allergies that never go away? Are you drawn to a specific time period? Come understand what past lives are and how tension point lifetimes can be affecting your present and future lifetimes.
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Vicki Snyder is a Certified Shay Parker's Best American Psychic - tested, accurate, ethical, period. She is also a member of the Certified Psychic Society. She is a Medium who connects to the spirit realm through her senses. She is clairvoyant (see), clairaudient (hear), clairsentience (knowing) and Clairempathic (emotion). Vicki is also a pet communicator and can connect to animals that are alive or in spirit. Being an Angel Intuitive and Certified Angel Card Reader; she is strongly connected to the angels and loves to share and educate others on the angels. She offers messages that are positive and uplifting. She will help you to see all you can be and help you manifest the life you want through empowering messages. Vicki hosts a monthly radio show, Divine Angel Messages on Best of the Best on OM Times Radio. Vicki offers a variety of classes and is always working on new classes to share with others. What others have say about her as a teacher: "She is a down to earth and gifted teacher who put me at ease." "Very informative class last night! Thank you so much for your willingness to share such wonderful energy, enthusiasm and knowledge!" "Our class was such an inspiring and wonderful experience!! Bless you for such a great introduction!! You are a great teacher! You have a true gift with your talents." Vicki is an Ordained Minister with the Sanctuary of the Beloved - Order of Melchizedek and a Spiritualist affiliated with the Mother Church of Spiritualism, Plymouth Spiritualist Church. With this Ordination and a college degree in Psychology she brings forth knowledge and experience to offer spiritual counseling and guidance to support clients on their spiritual paths. Vicki is also a Certified Assertiveness Coach and Archangel Life Coach, offering individual and group sessions. She is a Co-Author and Chapter sponsor of the bestselling book, 365 Days of Angel Prayers. A lovely tool for those wishing to bring the angels into their life on a daily basis. She is also a Certified Shay Parker's Best American Healer, Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor, Reiki Master/ Teacher and Certified Spiritual Healer who offers hands on or distant healing for you or your pets.
Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher, Jissel Ravelo, brings her passion and dedication for the holistic arts to the online community. Combined with her intuition and thorough professional training, she treats clients and students with the special attention they need and deserve to resolve mental, emotional and physical concerns. Her mission is to raise awareness and promote application of these extraordinary tools for those seeking to better their lives, in an easy and practical way.
George Gomond Intuitive Life coach I blend my my training as a clinical hypnotherapist at Hypnosis Motivational Institute, a shaman apprenticeship,and metaphysical studies at the University Metaphysical Science. I am a gifted intuitive and using this ability to receive answers from higher consciousness. For the last 24 years, I have used these gifts and talents to help people solve problems and envision the life they want.My primary tool is therapeutic meditation. Before this activity,I spent over 25 years in the business world in management, finance,and sales.