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Mukta Jarden
Spirituality > Meditation
Recorded: Jun 11, 2016 at 10:00 pm EDT
Join in for this wonderful and unique meditation experience. Through the practice of Transformation Meditation you can awaken your intuitive awareness, become clear, more productive and compassionate, and feel more joyful, peaceful and relaxed.
This is a valuable opportunity for all meditation teachers. Whether you are an experienced teacher or just getting started, this course will provide you with a complete framework of knowledge, inspiration, and materials for teaching Doubt Free Meditation, and connect you to a community of other meditation teachers. Through the practice of Transformation Meditation you can awaken your intuitive awareness, become clear, more productive and compassionate, and feel more joyful, peaceful and relaxed. If you want to improve and strengthen your own practice, brush up on your teaching skills, and feel the sense of inspiration, this is the course for you! All classes are video recorded so you never have to miss a class. If you are unable to attend the live sessions or if you just want to review a session, you can view the video recorded class as often as you like.
Nina Elliott
Recorded: May 09, 2016 at 07:00 pm EDT
In this 3-part series learn about Jyoti Meditation--a silent meditation to facilitate spiritual growth. Whether you a new to meditation or experienced, you'll find useful tools to help you train the mind to be still so you can access the inner regions of light and sound, wisdom and bliss.
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Mukta has been studying and teaching meditation and ancient scriptures, such as: Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, and Vedant Philosophy at the International Meditation Institute (IMI) Himalayas, India since 1985. Born and raised in New Zealand she was an equestrian champion who trained and competed around the world.
Carole Baker is founder of the self centre, a health and wellbeing centre in Bury St Edmunds, UK. She is a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher with over 12 years of teaching and specialises in teaching beginners. She currently runs a private studio and is a Health and Wellness Advisor teaching in schools and companies. She has appeared twice on BBC Chris Evans Drivetime and Breakfast shows espousing the benefits of yoga! Her teaching style is fun, light hearted and never too serious and she is completely passionate about the benefits of yoga for ABSOLUTELY everyone!
I was an Registered Nurse for many years working in a large medical center here in the United States, but it was my time spent as a nurse in an Ashram in India that opened my eyes to other healing possibilities. In India we had a clinic that offered allopathic medicine along with alternative options. It was there that I experienced my first miraculous healing when I was treated with energy medicine. After I received this healing, my attention was on the possibilities of healing naturally. After studying several modalities I became a Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner. The results with Quantum Touch are amazing. I left nursing in 2011 and moved to Sedona Arizona where I starting giving Vortex Tours of the area. Not only was healing a large part of what I did but also meditation. While out on the land teaching meditation became a large part of the Vortex experience. Meditation is such an important part of all our lives and it became clear to me to start teaching classes. With my experience of living in an Ashram and all the transformations that took place with meditation, teaching became a perfect fit.