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Tony Samara

Founder of the
Samara Meditation Foundation
and the Samara School of Meditation

Tony Samara is the author of Shaman's Wisdom (translated into 5 languages), Detox Body, Mind & Soul (translated into 3 languages) and 14 other books available in the English language.

Tony Samara is an expert in the field of meditation, which scientists are now confirming, using MRI or EEG, has a variety of neurological benefits. He believes that illuminating your highest capacities and becoming the greatest possible version of yourself, is a very real possibility.
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Mahavira Jayanti [Mahavira's birthday (599 BC - 527 BCE) transmission] In this complete Mahavira Jayanti celebratory satsang of almost 30 minutes, Tony Samara relates a story about Buddha to illustrate that discernment allows for right action. He then proceeds to share with us the values of Ahimsa (Loving-Kindness) and how putting loving-kindness into practice assists the spiritual aspirant in acquiring Knowledge. Tony concludes with a Relaxing Meditation to let go of the activity of the Mind and instead focus on the beautiful quality of Inner Peacefulness, followed by the Namokar Mantra. Mahavira taught that every living being has sanctity and dignity of its own and it should be respected just like we expect to respect our own sanctity and dignity. In simple words, we should show maximum possible loving kindness to every living being. Mahavira attained absolute oneness (nirvana) at the age of 72. He was the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism.