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Areas of Expertise
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Brian is a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium specializing
in connecting with and seeing Divine Spirit through and across the Veil:

Angels, Spirit Guides, animals, passed loved ones.

Brian's concentrated focus is Angel Code Healing however he loves working with people to enhance their Believe system, which helps them heal and grow, by showing them Spirit in Images captured from their own cameras.

Brian's perspective is that by enhancing one's Believe system the
person will then elevate their own vibrations thus making it easier
for them to connect to the ...See All

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Tutor at Zenith School of Metaphysical Studies

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About Brian Anderson (Zenith School)
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This is a 4 week course designed to prepare you for a world that you may think does not exist. It shall open your eyes to a new possibility, the possibility that the world is indeed FLAT! At least the world that surrounds you! No we are not talking about the Earth itself but the very dimensional existence that you reside in! Come join me on a Spiritual journey that will blow your mind and possibly expand your Believe System beyond that which you thought was possible! Join me as we explore the Flat World of Spirit Matrixing! Course Content Lesson 1 - Introduction Chapter 1 - The Flat World of Spirit Matrixing Chapter 2 - The Orb Perspective Lesson 2 Chapter 3 - Intention Evolution Chapter 4 - Natural and Physical Lines Chapter 5 - Looking Small Lesson 3 Chapter 6 - We are Here! Chapter 7 - Tracing Chapter 8 - Layers Lesson 4 Chapter 9 - Hiding in Plain Sight Chapter 10 - Matrixing Considerations Course Review
Healer 103 - Angel Code Healing This is a 5 week course (for 90 mins one day a week) In this course you will begin to understand the TRUTH of who you really are from the Soul perspective. That truth lies somewhere between the boundary layer of sanity and insanity, for it is there that thou shalt pierce the veil and begin to experience miracles. In this class you will learn how to perform effective and ethical Activations for the highest good of all concerned, which shall remove Blocks preventing spiritual expansion. In this class you shall receive the following and learn how to perform the following: . In this class you will receive the following - Meditations - The Table - Activation sensitivity Life Between Life - Why are you here Aura Cleansing Attunements - Attunement to Archangel Metatron Attunement to Archangel Michael Attunement to Archangel Raphael Attunement to Archangel Gabriel Attunement to the Masters Activations - Clearing of past life karma Opening of all meridians to Chakras Removal of Blocks to Clairvoyance Removal of Blocks to Enhanced brain power Removal of Blocks to Confidence Removal of Blocks to Claircognizence Removal of Blocks to Precognition Removal of Blocks to Telepathy Removal of Blocks to Accessing the Akashic Records As always in Brian's classes you may expect to actually see the Divine working on him LIVE in class...
This course will acclimate you to the use of Spiritual tools which will ultimately raise your vibrations allowing a clearer connection to Spirit / the Divine. You will learn how to: 1. Set Boundaries 2. Ground 3. Protect 4. Cleanse your Aura 5. Perform the Pink Ray 6. Cut Cords with Archangel Michael 5. Deal with the Narcissist 6. Master your Ego