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Healing comes in many forms, and the IGI village offers many opportunities. We are fortunate enough to have access to life's most wonderful teachers who are willing to teach what they've lived and learned. Take steps toward your own healing and register for a webinar now. Can't attend the date? Sign up now and watch the recorded session at a time suitable to you.

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Born and built on the fundamentals of education, compassion and empowerment, the International Grief Institute bridges the gap between corporations, professionals and individuals during personal crisis. Believing in the power of collaboration and partnership, IGI is village of unity to promote help, healing and hope around the world.

To improve strategic corporate responses to employee crisis, and offer professional development and personal enrichment opportunities that promote healing and hope for everyone.

To create a unified culture of help, healing and hope.

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Christine Duminiak's research and experiences show there is a powerful link between receiving an afterlife contact and feeling at peace with a loved one's passing. Christine's goal in this workshop is to help the attendees recognize an afterlife sign, claim their own signs, and learn how to receive a comforting ADC or a dream visit. Students will learn: 1. 20 Ways Loved Ones Contact Us From the Afterlife 2. Tips For Receiving Afterlife Contacts & Dream Visits 3. Grief Healing Methods
When the world feels chaotic and you're seeking quiet in the storm, a spiritual journal can help process feelings and thoughts. A journal can also be a path to nurture your faith through interactive prayer. Participants will explore many ways to journal going beyond the written word to use images, color and other collage techniques. This participatory workshop will inspire attendees through guided prompts and images to start their own spiritual journal or renew their own writing practice. MATERIALS: Journal, pen or pencils, scissors, glue, collage material
INSTRUCTORS: Dr. Gloria Horsley & Dr. Heidi Horsley DESCRIPTION: Participants will learn about the most current research on hope after loss, and will be provided with inspirational stories from Open to Hope cable television and radio show guests, and personal experiences that support the research and show that despite profound loss, people can and do find hope and happiness again. LEARN TO IDENTIFY: 1. 10 tips for helping clients take care of themselves 2. Identify practical means of instilling hope by teaching the bereaved skills for healing and thriving 3. Identify special considerations when offering support and how this can be used to stabilize clients 4. Best practices for finding hope after loss