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Hello! My name is Lynn and I'm an intuitive empath. I specialize in guiding and supporting sensitive people through mentor-ship and peer to peer support.

Consider working with me:

* If you are aware of awakening shifts,
* If you are a coach or lightworker and want peer support,
* If you are a highly sensitive person/empath seeking a mentor,
* Wish to learn or teach tarot as a tool for introspection


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Om-Times contributing writer
Tarot, teaching introspection
Coaching: I provide guidance and structure to help empaths, intuitives, and highly sensitive people achieve their goals.

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Sun Oct 23 2016 at 08:45 pm EST
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Thursday Jun 2, 2016
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60 minutes Mentorship   ($125)

The highly sensitive person's journey isn't to become it's going within and awakening to the discovery that you already are. You are wired this way for a purpose. Though your dedication to understanding how emotion and energy works and by doing your own inner work you raise your own energy frequency and also the collectives. What does the first session entail? *Discuss your experience *I will provide an intuitive reading *Identify areas of challenge *Personalize strategies to get you moving and flowing forward

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Lynn Zambrano
Spirituality > Co-Creating Reality
Ended: Oct 23, 2016 at 08:45 pm EST
Learn and Practise Tips and Tools designed for highly sensitive people and empaths. Class limited to 3 participants for individualized learning.
Lynn Zambrano
Recorded: Sep 25, 2016 at 08:45 pm EST
This is a small interactive support group for highly sensitive people and empaths. This discussion will be on how empaths are wired and why. As an empath, intuitive and a highly sensitive person living in today's world, you don't have an option to suppress, avoid or disconnect your emotions. If this were possible it would only lead to greater discomfort and suffering. Learn how to allow yourself to flow energetically knowing emotion will flow in, and now with your greater understanding you can simply acknowledge, allow and accept what comes and then release with increased ease and grace. Emotions come from you, and (because we are all connected) everybody else too. Now that emotion has come into your energetic field, you are given the task of processing emotions, and observing your thoughts in order to maintain a higher energetic frequency. This class has limited seats available. It is an interactive class, presenter lead where questions and discussion are encouraged.
Highly sensitive people, and empaths can use symbology, numerology, and chakras to reflect the energetic currents that are flowing and the energetic signature they are holding. When you see the feelings and beliefs which are limiting you, the reflection will present the opportunity for course correction and a new perspective. What I teach is not meant to instruct you on how to connect with any power source outside of yourself or to forecast the future. It is a method to give you a prompt so that you may explore your own energy field, and the beliefs and emotions you are holding. Once recognized you have to ability to course correct, change your mind, empower yourself and live with greater ease. I'll teach you how to use the tarot for introspection and then you have a tool for your use and also one to teach and empower your clients. Early Bird discount: get 50% off this class when you register by July 21, use code DYMFUQSQ
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