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Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s Scot McKay was working with "at risk" kids; first in Pennsylvania, then in New Jersey, Arizona and California.
From there he went on to build a wildly successful corporate career, building relationships with C-level executives, winning top sales awards and working on billion-dollar projects for a Fortune 50 tech company.
But when a difficult divorced ransacked Scot's world he hit rock bottom. In his heart he knew everything had to change. He set out to understand women and find out what they wanted from a great man.
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Scot is the four-time Amazon #1 bestselling author of What Works With Women, Women Made Easy, Most Valuable Player and Flirting Like Wildfire.
He is also well known for his groundbreaking course for men The Master Plan, his wildly popular Female Persuasion program, his relationship management system called The Leading Man, his system for meeting women called The Man's Approach, a sex advice program called Behind Closed Doors and for his multiple top-ranked podcasts on iTunes including The Chick Whisperer and X & Y On The Fly. His latest program for men is called The Big 4 Man Challenge.
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In a mere 60 minutes I will convince you 100% that being a man is still powerful, virtuous and what every high quality woman out there actually craves. Ladies, in that same one hour time period I'll successfully reinforce (or even restore) your faith that there really are still great men out there. If you're a man, we'll do away with "Mr. Nice Guy", the "Friend Zone", feminized manhood, confusion over how to raise our sons and especially despair over how to attract women all in one neat, clean session. If you're a woman, expect to leave with a crystal-clear picture of the kind of man you can really meet...and you should settle for nobody less. Whoever you are, it doesn't matter if you're in a relationship or not. I'm making sure this will make sense and be immediately actionable for anyone. Today more than ever, post-modern men are wondering what it even means to be a man anymore. What can we uniquely offer? What is our role in work and in relationships? And what do women WANT...what turns them on? Unfortunately, all too many men have been brainwashed into thinking masculinity is at best irrelevant in the 21st century. But plenty of us have actually been led to believe that masculinity is a BAD thing, or worst of all...all men are inherently bad people. Well guys, it's time to stand up and reclaim our birthright as real men of character. In this session, you'll gain clarity on what noble masculinity looks like and why women adore men who portray it effectively. Free your mind from the lie that masculinity is vice rather than virtue, and empower yourself to attract high quality women everywhere you go.
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