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After a NDE that transformed Amirah's life, she underwent deep depression and a spiritual struggle trying to integrate her newly discovered extra-ordinary abilities into the physical world. Feelings of being suspended between this physical world and that beyond her 3D awareness shaped her work and illuminated her life path.

Amirah is a Clairvoyant, Channel, Medical Intuitive, Medium and Quantum Energy Expert. She connects directly to God Source/Universal Energy and teaches from a high spiritual level. Every session with Amirah is directed by the individual needs of the client or group as she supports and empowers awareness ...See All


BBA, National University - Magna Cum Laude
MMsc, Sedona University
Certified Clairvoyant Teacher Training, Berkeley Psychic Institute
Certified Matrix Energetics Master Practitioner
Reiki Master
Practitioner Training - Church of Religious Science

Experience and Distinctions

Consultant / Mentor to Members of Royal Family, Dubai, UAE

Over 15 years of self-practice & professional clairvoyant experience to thousands upon thousands of individuals worldwide, Amirah is anchored in her expertise. She is an international, multi-cultural speaker and trainer.

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Amirah Hall
Ended: Nov 09, 2017 at 09:30 pm EDT
Families are our biggest triggers. Our family�s accumulation of lifetimes of experiences families are passed down through lifetimes that impact us in present time. Your ancestors had beliefs, judgments and thoughts about money success and wealth from an era that thought wealth was measured by how many cattle they owned. Family patterns get passed on from all the way back from ancestors--from great grandparents, to grandparents to your parents, then to you. For example, your grandma�s theme was taking care of other people and allowed everyone around her to use her. Grandpa�s theme could be have been alcoholism, abuse and smoking. Your mother�s theme might then translate to a self-sacrificing energy. This can look a unfocused attention, lack of love for herself or her children. These traditions get passed down to generations in the exact same way oppression, false truth and hierarchy do. It perpetuates the system and keeps the mass consciousness in lower, dense levels.
Everything is Energy--including money! Of itself, money is not toxic but our thoughts, beliefs and emotions on the subject are lethal. These toxic energies are heavily charged and influence every aspect of money in your life. Identify and heal your money shadow with quantum energy tools and learn tangible strategies to overcome your money hurdles. In 5 Steps To Financial Health, we will marry money and magic clearing toxic landmines to your abundance.
Amirah Hall
Recorded: Nov 24, 2015 at 09:00 pm EDT
Do you: - Avoid looking at your debt because it's just too scary? - Avoid words like budgeting, know your numbers, and just hope that it's all going to get better? - Hope that if you just pray harder or meditate more that that will be enough to bring in the money to pay the bills? - Get anxious about money (especially when it's time to pay those bills!) or have a partner or spouse who is anxious about it (and letting you know!)? - Find that you compare yourself to others and end up feeling not good enough - Know you need (and want!) to create a savings account (or a retirement account, or save to pay for your kids' college) but you just haven't figured out how to make it happen? - Know that if you don't "figure it out" quickly, you'll need to go get a job to pay the bills? You are about to discover 5 TOP REASONS you have 'money pain' and what is blocking money flow in your life. Learn the most elegant ways of connecting with, engaging, and attracting money ... even if you have struggled with it for a long time! Understanding the source of your 'money pain' allows you freedom to clear the blocks and move forward. If so, please join Amirah Hall and Denise Arrand who come together as experts offering you more together than they can individually. Change your thoughts and you change your money. This is our Thanksgiving Gift for you PLUS a special offer at end of class.