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Come tune up and tune in with the power of laughter and positive energies. Laughter Wellness is a complete and fast-acting well-being program designed to shift energies up while promoting multiple aspects of health in body, mind and spirit, at home and at work.
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Our bodies are the vehicles that carry us through the physical portion of our lives. They are amazing and resilient structures that have some wonderful--indeed, miraculous--capabilities that we sometimes take for granted. Although many of us refer to our bodies as "temples", sad to say, most of us don't really treat them with the reverence they deserve. As a result, it is not unusual for us to encounter physical challenges ranging from minor injuries to diseases to chronic or life-threatening conditions. While some of these conditions may have no cure, many of them can be reversed, and virtually all conditions can be treated in a way that brings relief. When we focus our loving attention on our bodies, we can reduce or eliminate suffering. For this episode of Life Mastery TV, I have invited an expert in stress and pain management to join me and share her powerful healing message. Elizabeth Kipp brings many years of experience in health facilitation, as wells as lots of wisdom that comes with that experience, and she'll be sharing all kinds of wonderful tips and ideas for improving overall health and "Reclaiming the Body Temple". In this episode, we'll be discussing the following, and a lot more: - Ancestral Clearing - Stillness and Meditation - Breath Power - Ending the Cycle of Suffering If you are looking for ways to reduce your own suffering and enjoy the rest of your life from a place of passion and joy, then I strongly encourage you to join us!
The three pillars of healthy longevity as well as energy and the execute, execute, execute productivity that entrepreneurs need are healthy eating, daily movement and aggressive stress reduction. Mindfulness is a major tool for stress reduction! Are you thinking it is hard to learn? Nope. Are you thinking it takes up a lot of time? Nope. Are you thinking that you're too busy? Mindfulness clears away the wasted time and the mental dullness so that you can BE a hi-energy career worker, business owner or parent. You have to commit some time up front to learn how, then you have to commit time to practice - and the ROI is 3-15! That's right. For every minute of time you are in mindfulness, you get 3-15 minutes or mental sharpness and creativity, your cortisol stress chemicals drop out and your health improves. Mindfulness isn't religious. It IS powerfully effective!
Writing from the heart is a POWERFUL tool for stress reduction and for spiritual growth and personal insights. In the first class you get an action plan to follow to make writing part of your proactive physical health care, by sharply reducing your levels of cortisol, the dangerous stress hormone. In the second class, you will get a second action toolkit that gives you spiritual growth and personal insight. This is not a simple learning about it class - you get actionable plans that will make a noticeable difference in your daily happiness level! NO critiques. Writing practices cover a dozen types of writing, so you can work at them all and decide which ones are "what you need right now." This class will open up your heart on multiple levels, fill you with spiritual and emotional joy and allow you to hear your own unique "voice," perhaps for the first time. Victoria's writing from the heart has nothing to do with talent, skill, DNA or anything else other than willingness to DO IT - and see what results you get.
Hypnotherapy gives you the ability to shift and learn from the very deepest levels of your mind - giving your conscious mind (the land of thoughts, intuition and everything else you are aware of) and your deep unconscious (which does most of the driving - and the place where "Why on earth did I do THAT?" comes from). The goals are: * to get your conscious mind to respect and listen to your deep unconscious, no matter how uncomfortable the Truth that lies there * to add new healthy desires and extinguish or lessen your desire for harmful activities (chips instead of veggies, watching TV instead of exercise, etc.) * to direct your immune, endocrine and other body systems toward health * to stop smoking and lessen or extinguish other addictions. In my own life, I have cured the seemingly-incurable and have added and subtracted habits - transformed my life. The power of hypnotherapy comes from (paradoxically) learning to really and truly stop trying to control what can't be controlled, and to listen to what your deep self really wants. Learn all about it. Experience a healing journey. Learn how to pick a really good practitioner to work with, and how to work on your own until you are ready to work with an expert. Come learn all about it!
Will you join me this weekend LIVE? I am running a brand new (never before seen) LIVE webinar this weekend where I am going to show you how I have been able to run my business without going insane with all the things that need to be done. Want to join? Here is what you will get from the FREE Webinar: -You will discover what drains your energy the most and find out how to eliminate that -You will be crystal clear and confident how to manage your clients for maximum profit -You will have the foundation for your stress management during the day to day operations in your business -You will have a map to balanced, energized and productive day -You will feel more inspired to conduct your business no matter are you just the beginner or an established business There will be a replay if you miss the live presentation. Mark your calendar, and I promise you will walk away with insights, a complete map to stress less business managing and feeling inspired and driven to achieve more! Claim your spot on the training, and I see you there!
Motherhood is sacred...and the hardest experiential path a woman walks. Nothing else offers the same in-your-face invitation into core wounds, fears, societal pressure, femininity, and self-love discovery. So many of my clients are women just like you--no longer recognizing your body, frustrated, full of secret shame and/or worry, and disconnected with yourself. I was too! This class offers you the best of what I learned (the hard way), how traditional medicine heals and what science has to say about modern motherhood. Sacred Femininity Being a mother is only one aspect of the sacred feminine. Explore the matrix of femininity to understand the complexity and potential. Reality-check Motherhood is amazing and hard as hell. Learn how to prioritize emotions and reprogram the guilt-trips. Let the rest go! Embody the "Good Enough Mother". Balance The most important medicine for the modern mom is balance. Explore how to create balance for yourself and family through holistic theory and lifestyle. Renew The female body is one of constant renewal. This rebirthing of ourselves is essential to engage with the full feminine experience. The Mind-Body skills of guided meditation, active imagination and body-talk will allow you to enhance your ability to renew daily and be the mother you desire to be. Enjoy a quiet morning without the kids and virtually commune with other women like you. Fill a plate with fresh breakfast and have a cup of nourishing tea. This is time for you to do the self-care needed to be the mom you want to be.
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Do you work all day seated at your desk? Suffer from stress, anxiety and depression? It is all connected! Attend this packed with great tips webinar and learn how to relax, de-stress and energize your body and mind in minutes!
This is the third session in the six week Meditation for Elevation series. Many of us feel depleted at the end of the week- or even the end of the day! Learn to find the energetic "holes" in your field that may be draining your life force. Once you do, you then can seal them and begin to refill your being. Using my special guided meditation and clearing techniques designed to give you immediate insight and answers, you will gain control over your energy. You can learn how to recharge and refresh yourself - preventing burnout, stress, and anxiety from depleting you so easily.
The second in the Meditation for Elevation Series, this session with focus on Forgiveness for All. The misconception about forgiveness, is that you may be letting someone "off the hook" for wrongs that you may have experienced with them.However, Forgiveness is not about them, it is ALWAYS about you. Your feeling lack of Forgiveness translates into a host of mental and emotional, and if left untended, physical imbalances that are unnecessary for you to carry any longer. Let go of what is blocking your heart, voice, creativity and mind, and dive into how good it feel to Forgive yourself most of all!
Are you overwhelmed, unmotivated, lack energy, and just tired mentally all the time? This webinar is loaded with practical proven to work exercises and techniques that will help you to relax mentally, boost your energy levels and return positivity and clarity of mind.
Tired of being overworked, stressed and burned out? Attend a webinar and find out are you one of the women who make 3 massive mistakes that keep them stressed. If you are one of them, I show you solution!