With Sharon Carne and Mahalia Michael Stress has become the health epidemic of the 21st century (World Health Organization). The good news is that you are as wired to release hormones that keep you happy and healthy, as you are wired to release stress hormones that create illness and disease. Science is continuing to document how some of the most powerful tools to manage stress are within the realm of sound and music. Sharon Carne of Sound Wellness and Mahalia Michael of Brain-Bliss invite you to join us for a journey into the science and mysticism of sound. Learn how quickly and simply your entire being can be reset or rebooted, stimulating the natural healing response of your body and being. Discover how bliss is your birthright and harmony is your natural state. This is a two webinar series. The first webinar covers the body and mind and how sound stimulates natural healing. The second webinar covers emotional healing, spiritual health and the brilliance of the soul.
Do you work all day seated at your desk? Suffer from stress, anxiety and depression? It is all connected! Attend this packed with great tips webinar and learn how to relax, de-stress and energize your body and mind in minutes!
This is the third session in the six week Meditation for Elevation series. Many of us feel depleted at the end of the week- or even the end of the day! Learn to find the energetic "holes" in your field that may be draining your life force. Once you do, you then can seal them and begin to refill your being. Using my special guided meditation and clearing techniques designed to give you immediate insight and answers, you will gain control over your energy. You can learn how to recharge and refresh yourself - preventing burnout, stress, and anxiety from depleting you so easily.
The second in the Meditation for Elevation Series, this session with focus on Forgiveness for All. The misconception about forgiveness, is that you may be letting someone "off the hook" for wrongs that you may have experienced with them.However, Forgiveness is not about them, it is ALWAYS about you. Your feeling lack of Forgiveness translates into a host of mental and emotional, and if left untended, physical imbalances that are unnecessary for you to carry any longer. Let go of what is blocking your heart, voice, creativity and mind, and dive into how good it feel to Forgive yourself most of all!
Are you overwhelmed, unmotivated, lack energy, and just tired mentally all the time? This webinar is loaded with practical proven to work exercises and techniques that will help you to relax mentally, boost your energy levels and return positivity and clarity of mind.
Tired of being overworked, stressed and burned out? Attend a webinar and find out are you one of the women who make 3 massive mistakes that keep them stressed. If you are one of them, I show you solution!
Does any of this sound familiar? There is too much to do. I just cannot keep up with everything on my list. It is too frenzied. There are too many people. The lineups are way too long. Do you find yourself catching every flu or cold that is going around? Many people I know get a traditional Christmas cold along with the holidays. By being here, you are making the time for a breath of fresh air. And you are giving yourself an hour to ground yourself into the real energy of the season. Peace and joy. And the tools to return to peace and joy anytime you need it.