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Join Julie as she leads you through a relaxing meditation and into a beautiful hypnotic experience. Destination - Akashic records to explore your soul name, guides that may be assisting you in this lifetime, people you may currently know whom are in your soul group, colors or symbols that could help you in this life and so much more! This class is for those who are... * wanting to explore their own spirituality * wanting a deeper connection with their own angels and guides * wanting to understand more about the Akashic records and how to access them
The Nook
Intentional Living..
Start: Aug 17, 2017 at 10:30 am EDT
Learn and grow the intuitive side of Your-Self. Explore and expand the depth of your own skills and gifts as you journey into another realm. Whether at the beginning of your journey or an advanced student, there is something to learn at each class. Lesson plans change weekly and medium-ship is always practiced! PREREQUISITE: PLEASE ATTEND 2 Psychic Development for Beginners (Novice Conversations with Guides) classes BEFORE being eligible to attend this class. Monday's at 10:30am amd 6:30pm.
In this free webinar you will take away tips and techniques to prepare you to learn how to communicate with your animal family in the upcoming paid webinar, Animal Communication and Our Animal Families. Intuitive ideas, practical steps, and structured play with your animals will give you a solid foundation to tap into the fascinating world of inter-species communication as you discover how your own animals react. While our intuitive ability is unique to us, this short webinar will give you the basics to discover how yours works so you can leap right into connecting with your animals in the next webinar.
Meditation ~ Join me the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month for a free meditation. This is great for kids and teens too!
Embracing the Eclipse: A Meditation for Personal Growth Sense something big brewing? Are you anxious or apprehensive? Curious? Excited? Raring to blast off? This gentle but potent guided meditation is for you! You will meet, embrace and work with the energies of the Great American Solar Eclipse of August 21. The process you experience is one you can repeat and revisit as often as you like. No understanding of astrology required.
The Mind, The Body and The Soul are a trifecta union that must work together for a fully rounded incarnating experience. This is a beginners class to learn how to communicate with one's own body parts. We will look at the mind, body and soul connection and target specific parts of the body to get messages from another part of what is intrinsically us on an intimate bodily level. The class will include some channeling and I invite AA Raphael to help us communicate with our bodies. There are two time-slots, same class but suitable for different timeszones, Europe/UK and USA, both are suitable for the Antipodes
Will you join me this weekend LIVE? I am running a brand new (never before seen) LIVE webinar this weekend where I am going to show you how I have been able to run my business without going insane with all the things that need to be done. Want to join? Here is what you will get from the FREE Webinar: -You will discover what drains your energy the most and find out how to eliminate that -You will be crystal clear and confident how to manage your clients for maximum profit -You will have the foundation for your stress management during the day to day operations in your business -You will have a map to balanced, energized and productive day -You will feel more inspired to conduct your business no matter are you just the beginner or an established business There will be a replay if you miss the live presentation. Mark your calendar, and I promise you will walk away with insights, a complete map to stress less business managing and feeling inspired and driven to achieve more! Claim your spot on the training, and I see you there!
Creativity is both stimulated by, and a source of sustenance to, our emotions. This class will explore the profound link between human emotion and creative inspiration & expression. We will explore how art, music, story and poetry writing can act as a mirror to the psyche, shining light on the shadowy places within, allowing for inner healing, greater self-understanding and a richer creative experience.
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Shanti Mission
Next: Aug 20, 2017 at 02:30 pm EDT
Full Moon Yagam - Durga Flavour!
Do YOU want to enjoy living toxic free? Do YOU want to minimise aches and pains? Are you tired of feeling stressed? In our modern world, our bodies are placed under constant strain from our relationships, food, environment and chemicals. YOU are expected to do more with less support. In this workshop you will learn how you can use therapeutic grade essential oils to heal on an emotional, mental and physical level. We will cover... - What are essential oils? - Why are they so powerful? - How can they benefit me? - How they have been used in history for medicinal purposes - Tips and ideas on how they can benefit you and your family. Empower yourself to feel happy and connected everyday! You deserve to feel amazing!
Julie Holliday
Health & Wellness
Start: Aug 21, 2017 at 03:00 am EDT
Do you find it difficult to get away because of chronic illness? Why not create the retreat experience at home? For 5 days I'll be helping you to start your day off well, with gentle movement, meditation, and a daily focus to bring more peace and contentment into your life. Treat yourself to a retreat experience at home; dedicate these 5 days to a relaxed and enjoyable focus on happiness and well-being. Spoil yourself! You deserve it! Includes downloads of the 5 different meditations and exclusive access to gentle movement and self-massage videos plus suggestions for how to create a more authentic retreat experience.
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