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Once you have sat through the discomfort of being alone and opened to discover who you really are, you have an opportunity to envision what kind of partnership you desire. This workshop explores how to find out what you want from a partner (that you lack within yourself), and provides tools for becoming the person you imagine you want to love.
Re-entering the dating world with a much-feared STD like herpes can feel daunting. You may feel ashamed or embarrassed, and you may wonder when and how to broach the conversation of herpes with potential sex partners. This workshop covers ways of healing your spirit of the stigma of herpes so you can feel at peace with your body and sexuality, and it addresses strategies for approaching the herpes conversation.
Once you are single again, you have an opportunity to evolve through dating, to use temporary connections to work through the spiritual lessons identified by your long-term relationship. This workshop teaches perspective shifts about dating that will empower you to catalyze your spiritual growth and heal the wounds uncovered by your former partnership.
Your marriage was a tremendous learning experience for you, and the more deeply you feel wounded by your partnership the greater your opportunity to transform your wounds into your power moving forward in your life. This workshop teaches ways of uncovering the misperceptions that led to suffering, understanding the patterns in the relationship dynamics, and stepping into your power by taking responsibility to clean up your side of the street.
When Loneliness Strikes, How To Be Your Own Best Friend If you've spent any length of time in a couple relationship, being single can feel very uncomfortable. Loneliness can set in as you adjust to your new life which may include the loss of your "couple" friends, days without your children, reduced support from family, and a lot more time alone than you've had in years. This workshop teaches ways to deal with discomfort, offers tools for shifting into a new lifestyle, and shares suggestions for creating your new support structure.
Your former spouse can be thought of as a sacred mirror that reflects to you all that you are (or were) including your deepest imperfections. It�s possible that your former spouse shows you the ways you have not believed you were worthy of love. As a result, interacting with your former spouse during and after a divorce can raise powerful primal emotions. This workshop teaches tools for processing and releasing these emotions so that you can step forward into a more peaceful life.
It's possible to entirely lose yourself within the couple dynamics so that you no longer know who you are outside of that relationship. This workshop shares tools and techniques for detangling Self from relationship after a divorce so that you can discard the beliefs/structures/roles that no longer serve you as you move into a new life for yourself.
If you cheated on your spouse during your marriage, or if you were cheated on, you probably have a great deal of confusion and hurt feelings about why this situation happened in your relationship. In this workshop, we will explore the dynamics of cheating behavior to gain a greater understanding that will allow you to release hurt feelings, move into acceptance, and glimpse a pathway to forgiveness.
When your marriage ends before death, you may feel a great deal of self-judgment, shame, and guilt; you may feel judged by your social and family circle as well. This workshop suggests new ways of thinking about marriage and divorce that will open you to an exploration of how your situation has led you to the doorway of significant personal growth.
The end of a significant long-term relationship also marks the beginning of a new phase of your life. This workshop introduces ways of re-framing your current situation to help you make sense of what is happening in your life, begin the process of detaching and letting go, and start to step forward into a new life with new self-supporting agreements. You will learn a powerful tool for gaining perspective about your divorce and the new life unfolding for you.