Judi Lynch is an internationally known Psychic Medium, Healing Energy Channel, Spiritual Counselor, Teacher and Author.

Since 2007, Judi has worked with countless clients in the United States and around the World. A featured guest and host on radio, she has presented workshops on psychic development and energy healing. She is also currently working with others individually to heighten their abilities through study of the spiritual consciousness, vibrational energy channeling, ascension awareness and meditation. Judi is the President of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to healing and ascension awareness. She is a featured ...See All

Experience and Distinctions

Featured Columnist for OM-Times Magazine since 2009
President and founder of the 501(c) non-profit spiritual charity, Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc.
Featured guest and host on numerous radio programs/YouTube

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Expert Services Offered
Intuitive Development Coaching   ($75) [+] Show More Info

A One Hour Session helping you to identify your strongest metaphysical abilities and how to strengthen them. How to bring forward and strengthen latent abilities with practice and meditation. Session includes an intuitive spirit guide reading along with a Spirit guide activation meditation to heighten your personal energy fields.

2 Hours Spiritual Lifestyle Coaching    ($125) [+] Show More Info

Two One Hour Sessions of Spiritual Coaching on the Conscious Ascension lifestyle and incorporating conscious living in your life. How to identify your life challenges and themes to heal past trauma and move forward. Daily life practices of meditation, prayer, diet, exercise, personal environment/surroundings and channeling healing energy that encourage a healthy and evolving spiritual connection. The meaning of ascension and how to strengthen the energy fields around your etheric and physical body. Identifying your personal spirit guides and how to communicate.

Learning Intrest
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Group Classes (20)
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This is class one of two in Intuitive Development. In this event we will discuss how to raise your vibration through several different methods and practices to assist you in order to hear, see and feel more connection and validation from spirit. A guided healing energy meditation to raise your frequency is also included.
This event involves a discussion on signs, synchronicities and visits from spirit and the evolution of your metaphysical skills in interpreting them. How to adjust your energy field to reach the higher vibration during meditation or times of stillness. Also, the presence of spirit guides and angels during times of great need. How spirit is able to channel through to us if we are aware and listening. A Spirit guide/healing light energy meditation is included in this event.
Join me as we discuss the role of Spirit Guides in our lives on Earth. Where they come from, who they are, why and how they communicate with us. We will take a guided tour in strengthening your connections, heightening your energy fields and lifting your frequency into higher dimensions. Class discusses how to watch, listen and enable your true abilities metaphysically, spiritually and mentally to help you in all areas of life. How we can learn the skills for better intuition, mental clarity, and healing energy to open the chakras for healing body, mind and spirit. A Spirit Guide Connection meditation is included in this session.